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Xbox 360
Comes with free Xbox live membership that last until July 1. All you need is yo own internet at the crib and you ready to go. works like a charm and comes with all the games you see in the picture
Is Xbox Live Gold Worth It? Here's Everything You Need to Know
Is Xbox Live Gold Worth It? Here's Everything You Need to Knowbestproductscom
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With Xbox Live Gold, you get the most advanced multiplayer, free games, exclusive member discounts and more. Play games like Titanfall™ and Halo with your friends on a network powered by over 300,000 servers for maximum performance. Cloudhosted multiplayer helps eliminate lag and cheating. Your membership includes a growing library of free games, and discounts up to 50-75percent on games in the Xbox Store. And on Xbox One, it’s even better, with smarter, faster matchmaking, and online multiplaye
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The Best Perks of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus You May Not Know
Whether you have an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, if you want to play online with friends, you'll need to cough up money for Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. You may even pick it up just for free games every month. Still, there are some other perks to that membership you may not know about. Let's look at them.
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Emphy_AA 21 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter

JettSlayer 4 Oct 2014 shared via Twitter
If i buy a Xbox Live Gold Membership card, do i need a Credit Card to use it?

CrispinBurke 7 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
I realize I pay $99 annually for Dropbox when I really don't use it. The problem with these services is that I use them rarely, but when I need them, I want them to work. Same with the $10/month for XBox Live Gold. Don't play online XBox that much, but when I do, I want it.

hanzo_des 21 May 2018 shared via Twitter
just got NBA 2K17 and i cant create a MyPlayer account cause it says i do not meet the requirements, do i need to have xbox live gold to create or is this an age thing? cause im a "95

EpicallyEvil 9 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter
Do I need Xbox live gold on Xbox 360 to download it??

43Silencer Apr 12
I have a question you or someone that follows you might answer. SHiFT do I need Xbox live gold to make it work even though I regestered with the Website? I can get the time next month but just curious and slightly annoyed it doesn't say.

boardgamerpinup 17 Nov 2018
Has anyone played Fallout 76 solo? I'm not crazy about it being multiplayer, but I want to know if I can just do my own thing. And, do I need XBox Live Gold? Ughhh

TristanLuscombe 18 Apr 2016
I got Xbox Live Gold so my 2 kids can chat with friends, but it looks like it only worked for me. Do I need to buy it 3 times?

katnpete 1 Dec 2014
I have an Xbox Live subscription. Do I need to have Gold? It doesn't specify that any where

FahrenkampL 19 Jan 2016
struggling to set up an EA acct. it doesn't let me. I have Xbox live Gold. Do I need separate EA acct to play battlefrnt online?

CPRcorps101 19 Feb 2015
I don't have Xbox live gold do I need that to get online and f I do how much will it cost? Thanks

Syd_Lexia 22 Jan 2013
I bought Move so that I could play Wii Fit on my 360, but it's not working. Do I need XBox Live Gold or something?

Joey_Evans3 1 Jan 2015
I had Xbox live gold on my 360 but it didn't transfer to my one and it's the same account, do I need another gold card?

doubtKPH 3 May 2016
why do I keep getting told I need an Xbox live gold subscription for when it renewed in March?

PurpleSeaUrchen 13 Jun 2019
The website wont let me purchase ultimate, it tells me i need to buy gol, then it wont let me buy gold saying "xbox live gold is required" i can't get through to support. What do i do?

carculturetony 28 Sep 2017
so i want to buy forza 7 on PC and play with my friends on PC. I have an xbox acct but i dont have xbox live GOLD. Do i need it

jms562 7 Nov 2014
I used my Gold code for Xbox Live, it says its worked, but still says I'm not a gold member, do I need to do something else?

PollyRodgers 22 Nov 2009
Tweeps on Twitter.. need your help.. what is XBOX LIVE 12mths GOLD MEMBERSHIP?? :S do i need it?

OCrawford1 25 Jan 2015
I have xbox gold and it is not allowing me online saying a need xbox live what do I do?

Joe_Bishop1 22 Apr 2015
it says i have a Xbox Live Prepaid 1 month Gold Membership Card Do i need 12 months gold?

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