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Samsung Galaxy S8 Orchid Gray 64GB Verizon and GSM Factory Unlocked 4G LTE (Renewed) Samsung
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utahtemp Apr 22 shared via Twitter
Do they work with non Samsung phones?

kris_202089 Feb 20 shared via Twitter
how are all of you doing your part in making sure the new Samsung 20’s aren’t contaminated by the corona virus since it lives on the surface for 24 days. They phones are going to be coming to the US. Your employees and customers r at risk.

mteufel1 May 13 shared via Twitter
Current att customer. I need to buy 2 phones. Samsung s10 Who has the best offer. I noticed 600 off the second phone and 150 credit on my bill to switch companies.

MattyIce981 30 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
Yep. We bought Two $1000 phones, then they want to charge me $275 each just to make them work. Not to mention the watch my wife has. has already offered to do a trade out with us. Haven't looked yet. 8 year sprint customer here lol.

Shqipe67 Apr 28 shared via Twitter
so let me get this straight I order a new phone in March then get the run around and finally got a answer and I’m being told in June ? Did the robots that produce these phones in Samsung catch the virus too ? Last I checked it affects ppl only SMH thanks for the let down

OMARSHINEZ 23 Dec 2019
Samsung phones have great cameras.

gwagner209 26 Dec 2019
Verizon when will you enable call and text from other devices on your Samsung Galaxy phones. Pretty lame you disabled it while T-Mobile and Sprint have it.

okmike87 Jan 9
I will never have another mobile phone contract as long as I live. Buy affordable phones (there are plenty out there not made by Apple or Samsung) and use no-contract phone plans.

DrTomTonkin May 27
Hey can you help a brother? I have two lines and I need two phones, iPhone and a Samsung. I will pull the trigger today.

Is there a giveaway your planning on doing soon? Got 3 Samsung phones I can't afford to fix and my galaxy watch is on it's on its last leg... I rely on the heart monitor to communicate with my cardiologist. I have and it's been such a struggle... please start giveaways!

maharshiii Jan 13
you disable voLTE & wifi calling on particular unlocked or all unlocked phones ? With sim voLTE is visible in settings and works but not with AT&T on Unlocked Galaxy Note 10+. Will it change in future or else I need to switch carrier.

tracidrury May 20
We were able to get a deal on Samsung Galaxy phones through StraightTalk (we each needed a new phone). Sometimes they are limited on options of what you can get.

AsSeenOnTv55 Mar 6
. are you guys nuts? You're not offering the Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip phone? One of the most anticipated phones on the market? After being your customer for about 18 years, looks like I'm switching to AT&T..

kali_destroyr May 19
So, my insurance deductible for a new Samsung Galaxy S9+ 'cause the one I have now has a defective charging port is $200. A new port is $5. Now I know why people fix their own phones. Since this is 's doing, will calling actually do anything?

valerieee319 Apr 22
If y'all have what are y'all paying if you don't mind me asking. Im paying 374 a month for our two phones, iPad, and 2 Samsung tablets with which is more than my car payment. So I'm looking to switch.

shotgunner101 May 22
This weekend I'll be setting up my new phone. Much excite, new shiny!

ErstwhileIII 27 Dec 2019
Please provide me a link to where promises to deliver monthly Android security patches in "x" days after Google releases them on their pixel phones (remember, you get the code a month before that public release). All of your support folk say that you made no commitment.

Miss_Puppeh May 12
you aren't really reliable when my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 factory reset out of nowhere, and I am not the only person this has happened to, and for some reason it only happens on Samsung phones. I have lost all my photos and progress on mobile games.

ricky8alta Mar 13
The Software that runs Samsung phones totally sucks! They need to come up with a completely different software system that is as easy to use as iOS. Don't try to sell me on a camara feature.

this is some bullshit with this browser! I’ve decided be an adult and not tell you to fuk off but ask for some help please!8!inswear to god Samsung is offering to pay me and my friends a large sum then plus free cell phones and service though .

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