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TruthRaiderHQ 12 hours ago shared via Twitter
residents are now looting verizon and sprint cell phone stores. Police standing down.

EllenBeaudry 15 hours ago shared via Twitter
There is no option to speak to a rep on the phone, but they will pretend like there is, lead you down a trail of automated hell, and then spit you out on a chat with someone whose probably forced to multitask and assist more than one now upset customer.

DawnellDavis May 20 shared via Twitter
You're complaining about sprint and you not wearing a mask when EVERYONE knows it's essential to be wearing mask even if the state is open right now. When it comes to the essential workers trying to do they job its they fault. Sit your ass down. Nobody worried about a damn phone!

thecrazytechguy May 27 shared via Twitter
What the heck is up with service in Statesville, NC? Super slow with 4 bars of 4G service showing. Internet went down during EMR quiz and using phone for connectivity is useless.

Markedman601 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
The rioting is expected. Burn the police stations. Smash their cars. Find their homes. NO one begrudges anyone for that. But looting businesses and burning down auto parts and cell phone stores? What do Auto Zone or Verizon, or the folks who work there have to do with it?

DuaneStorey 18 hours ago
Yah I was thinking today that so many people think the 2nd amendment is the tool that will be used to stop a government that overreached its powers. But think of the affect if Twitter simply shut down trump’s account, or Verizon shut down his phone, or ...

hoystory May 26
Pretty sure unlimited data only applies to what you receive on the phone itself. If you use it as a hotspot, they throttle it down and limit it. That's why I've still got an old XXL data plan.

BobPlissken1 12 hours ago
Nah, they're joggin' on down to the Target and the Verizon, and joggin' away with Tv's and phones. They're joggin' day and night.

Maximum_Pwr May 21
I went to a verizon store yesterday, coworker needed a new cell phone and I’m on the account, at a basically an outdoor mall with nice restaurants. It was packed. It looked like a Sat afternoon but it was weds 11am. Everything was open. People are done with the lock down here.

PeeSocks 11 hours ago
Did those people burn down an autozone and ransack a target and steal phones from a Verizon store. Didn’t think so. These people looting stores are disgusting this movement is supposed to be about corrupt police not stealing iPhones. Imagine using a death to loot a target

Nah brand new red edition 64 gb and I pay $30 a month for service that’s down from my $120/month plan with Verizon paying off a shitty pos phone

jdsrs70 13 hours ago
Verizon didn't forgive the phone bill for the duration of the Covid pandemic. Burn it down! Lol

Chefaded3 May 27
Verizon & ATT aren't shutting down your phone calls and text messages because they don't like the content

realFINEASSMANI 15 hours ago
they got riots going on businesses getting burned down and Verizon wanna worry bout my phone bill girl bye

TeDeumBlog 20 hours ago
Living in a populated suburban area in southeast Michigan, have an unlimited data plan w/ can’t use data for anything internet related, not make phone calls without WiFi. WTH??? Power went out the other day, phone was useless except for texting. Xfinity down now, ditto.

AshinKushBz May 23
“Ran down on Verizon for them phones

kohltonmiller May 28
The phone network that's anti-net neutrality and likes to slow down firefighter's internet speeds??

Thejashley 24 hours ago
So are you going to shut down that project has been working on for years, that records phone calls absent Warrants?

ShiftMaria 11 hours ago
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HooksRand 13 hours ago
I am a college student who graduates in the fall. I paid off my device to bring my costs down as I transition from college life to regular life. As a result, Verizon decided not to pay the 300.00 promotion for the phone. Why treat ppl this way for being responsible?

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