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HeyItsTheJake 23 Jan 2011 shared via Twitter
i have one of those cheap verizon flip phones from dollar general... ickkkk

FireOneMillion 13 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
Thank you for your response let’s hope it gets resolved before I have to buy a prepaid phone. Like the dollar general employee recommended

Picarat 10 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
i buy all my phones at the Dollar General. Pay as you go, and i won't cry(much) if a break a 50 dollar phone

Sweetiebunzz 3 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Find a dollar store or a dollar general store. Yes. That's the actual names. They are in almost every town here. Most will have a T mobile or a prepaid Verizon phone. Around 40 dollars a month and the phone is about 70 dollars. Cheapest I could find for me w/o a contract :)

BrittanyTheFam 3 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
My mom is on a non prepaid plan. She would like to get a new phone. Can I purchase a Verizon prepaid phone from Dollar General and use it on her post paid account? Thank you.

SpeclSalesDeals 30 Sep 2011
Verizon Samsung U360 Gusto cell phone, just $20 at Dollar General:

Jearls90 26 Mar 2019
If you use any of these entities you’re a hypocrite. dollar general, dollar tree, bed bath & beyond, Kohl’s, Tyson foods, and Verizon. You got the same energy at your phone or chicken ppl?? Lmao 2012/08/01/boycott-chick-fil-a-more-companies

SpeclSalesDeals 27 Apr 2014
Dollar General Prepaid Cell Phone Deals – NET10, Verizon Wireless Prepaid:

SpeclSalesDeals 1 Oct 2017
Dollar General has 2 great prepaid phone deals this week for Verizon Wireless and Total Wireless:

SpeclSalesDeals 18 Jun 2013
Dollar General – $15 Verizon Samsung Gusto 2 U365 Cell Phone:

ohthatsArnisa 15 Apr 2012
@Skin_Kr3w lmao. Ion know what dollar general yall was at , ! But go to verizon & tell'em Arnisa said I can get a new phone

SlappinDaBass 11 Feb 2014
you on verizon or straight talk? verizon prepaid has the same phone i have for like 40 bones from dollar general

mcsosheriffAL 4 Jun 2018
On May 27, 2018 around noon this Suspect entered Dollar General at 329 Pine Grove Rd and stole 4 Verizon Pre Paid Cell phone cards. He left driving a 2008 Chev Impala. If you can identify this subject contact Inv Finley 2565338847

KidStClair 17 Jun 2013
Verizon dropped a cheap ass phone called the .. dollar general lookm af.. 50$.. mini tab/phone.. ha good luck

hadscott5 28 Aug 2018
Also, my $1 screen protector from the Dollar General protected my phone for 5+ years. This $50 screen protector from Verizon lasted 4 months.

izagar_ 1 Jul 2019
Needs internet to work magic jack and they can't afford it. I can get her a flip phone from Dollar General for $30 a month. It's a Verizon Prepaid phone. :)

I live in the middle of nowhere in upstate too and have tried a bunch of services, I'm with verizon because they have wireless calling on some phones (this one - LG Zone4 - is from dollar general!) which works fine-ish with my frontier DSL (fastest available here 😟). Good luck!

Heather67554346 30 Nov 2019
DG verizon prepaid phones are a scam. Dont get them. You will Lose your money. Dollar general wont refund prepaid card and verizon wont either.

TruckDriverELog 4 Jul 2018
. . . Bought - New - ZTE - Cymbal - (Pre-Paid) - Cell - Phone - from - Dollar - General - ( But ) - The - Phone - "Will-Not" - Activate - the - Service - to - the - Verizon - Network . . . Will - Not - give - me - a - "New - Telephone - Number" . . .

ContactHelpcom 28 Jul 2013
Dollar General: I recently purchased a Verizon phone from the dollar General in Martin, ky for one the lady could n -

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