verizon phones deland florida - Woodsb

michellyhahn 13 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
hey about getting Bay County Florida back up and running????!!!!! Y’all are about to lose it there considering never went down!! People are having to buy burner phones for ANY communication. Unless you have answers don’t tweet me any bullshit.

NeeNee1962 Mar 28 shared via Twitter
I watched that video of tracking cell phones from only 1 Florida beach after spring break. I felt so sick to my stomach. The tracking will be a powerful tool and should be employed ASAP.

McGonnell Feb 14 shared via Twitter
outages all over Florida's East Coast from at least Jacksonville to Deland, FL PLEASE HELP

BridgetCarey 2 Jul 2009 shared via Twitter
Tomorrow, Verizon customers in South Florida who pay for V CAST Mobile TV can tune into live TV on certain phones:

seasonoftheitch 16 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
I couldn't think of any more. honestly, I'd RATHER go to FLORIDA than spend another hour of my waning life on the phone with the lying GHOULS and disrespectful CHARLATANS who answer the phones for

sodiumfire83 Mar 17
Verizon Wireless service is down all over Florida. All of my company phones are through a Verizon business account and right now I cannot send texts, make calls, etc. see the attached outage map. ETA on services being back up?

SibirLupus 23 May 2013
Not true in South Florida at least. Have had friends get bad coverage on there phones.

zipporahs 20 Mar 2018
Calling all South Florida baby boomers with mobile phones. RSVP for the FREE Workshops

BridgetCarey 1 Dec 2010
Verizon is turning on 4G in South Florida on Sunday. No phones yet, just modems. More details coming...

raysipe 15 Nov 2009 - Verizon Wireless is the place for phones in Boca Raton Florida by Ray Sipe.

VerizonNews 31 May 2012
Check this out. Florida seniors find new phones, and love, in a Verizon Wireless store.

willieh28212439 21 Oct 2018
not only should we the consumers of Bay County Florida get 3 free months of service we should also be allowed to get new phones

broussardville 17 Oct 2018
Hmmm Verizon... are cell phones up in Florida Panhandle! Are families able to chk on loved ones affected by ! Take care of your customers 1st! you hv no sympathy for victims! think twice about appearing with not a good look!!@

HHillbillies 16 Oct 2018
AT&T is giving out free phones in Florida!! Verizon cell towers down and no cell service!! Get it fixed Verizon, people are suffering and no help from y'all!!! Business lesson: take care of your own!!

Lurpette 14 Nov 2017
What is going on with Verizon service in South Florida? All our phones are looking for network

SHOUTOUTtoMAGA 17 Oct 2019
I had no power for an hour in Florida. Others are still without. Don’t know what the cause is. We were not able to contact the electric company either. Their phones were messed up and/or Verizon would not allow me to complete the call. Internet was also down.

VerizonNews 14 Jun 2012
Senior couple in Florida find new phones & more in Verizon Wireless store.

MrCaesare 12 Apr 2018
I pay toooooo much money for these phones for 700 @VZWNow cell towers all of a sudden to be down in Florida and nobody can tell us what’s going on. We should get a credit

edbl79 May 19
is it normal for someone to walk into a store in Florida and sign up for 5 lines of service for phone numbers based out of PA, getting $6000 in phones all without checking ID to verify who the person is? Is that how you guys do business?

You could really help small businesses here in Taylor County Florida by not throttling our data and actually having a network that worked. We pay the same as those in larger cities who can actually use their phones. You discriminate against small communities s like ours.

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