verizon phones defiance ohio - Woodsb

KHONnews 16 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter
Ohio burglars grab dummy phones from Verizon store

Waylon442 15 Jun 2016 shared via Twitter
your service stinks in defiance Ohio !

jonhogue 15 May 2013 shared via Twitter
provides a way better data network than in Columbus, Ohio for phones and mifi devices.

RMGtwinsBryan 27 May 2019 shared via Twitter
South Central Ohio has tornado sirens sounding with no alerts on our phones, what's up with that????

Telisha29 19 May 2018 shared via Twitter
Your data speeds in Defiance Ohio are terrible. Terrible on weekdays. Barely even works on the weekend. I just switched from AT&T just this month and I have noticed such a difference.

Waylon442 12 Jun 2016
what happened to ur coverage in defiance Ohio ? It stinks thinking about looking for new carrier 😢

WAServers Jan 29
They used of jan1st all those old system phones on verizon for example no longer function. It's time to invest into the stadium like ND did or Ohio st did. ND had fast wifi!! Awesome venue!

CraigWeisenbur1 11 Sep 2019
I have noticed a decline in my service this last3/4 weeks . I live in defiance Ohio 43512 . Wondering if there’s something going on thanks .

JamesSinko 30 May 2019
deployed their Disaster Response Trailer to Dayton after the Tornado struck. It's a generator-powered mobile unit with device charging, computer workstations, wireless phones, tablets

VerizonNews 6 Jun 2012
fortifies data speeds for customers visiting Fort Defiance w/ new network coverage in

MrRealism69 29 Jun 2017
The local Sanctuary city is using all of the phones Obama gave them!!!

ITech_G 11 Feb 2018
So I have two phones one on Tmo the other I had it with VZW. I have been to South Carolina, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, New York, Indiana, Ohio, Puerto Rico and in all these places my TMo never let me down. The “BiG Red” was crap. Data was crap.

devinbryce 11 Jun 2010 come to verizon in the piqua mall in ohio and get some phones we will give you 100 bucks to switch to verizon

having some issues with cell phones in Canton, Ohio. It keeps dropping calls when calling other people with verizon. What's going on?!?!

aMikeyyy 12 Sep 2016
in Ohio no service and u have taxed me the last 3 monthly bills with overages! $900 in 3 months 4 2 phones

OhioJobsDay 21 Sep 2016
U.S. carrier Verizon starts taking orders for new Samsung Note 7 phones

Ayywon_1 Apr 11
Hi my sister lives in Texas and we live in Ohio she lost her job from this whole pandemic and you shut off their phones because of a late phone bill could you guys prove you have a heart and allow me and family to remain in contact during these times or is that too much

jenniferneptune 7 Oct 2010
Verizon's 4G rollout to cover central Ohio: By Tim Feran 1G In the world of cell phones, 1G originated in the 1980...

WMUR9 21 Sep 2015
Police say burglars stole fake display phones from a Verizon store in Ohio. --

billbart25 9 Jul 2019
5 phones and a iPad with a data plan ... out at the Trumbull County Fair in Ohio and cant get enough data to process a credit card through Square... please turn the bandwidth up on the tower

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