venipede moves by level up - Woodsb

RyanMathers9 12 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Actually pidove evolved in Venipede Stampede I guess by level up With how many venipede there were

JustABystande10 6 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
It seems that charjabug has evolved by eating a drug known as "Rare Candy". Appearently it is capable of unfathomable power that raises the level of the consumer by one. Appearantly in certain situations it could even evolve its consumer. Venipede is a rotten traitor snom.

reactlipa 25 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
I usually don't use Venipede, but I added a third member bc my Munna and Servine were both level 23 by the time I got to the inner Pinwheel forest

Okaniyukio 27 Dec 2016 shared via Twitter
You can get rock climb by leveling scoliped into level 50 or Get rock climb as an egg move from venipede

Viktreebell 12 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
>Evolve Venipede at level 22 >Also wants to learn 2 moves >Overachiever.

ItsPURPS 11 Aug 2012

NathanGroth 11 Aug 2012
@princessjordyn4 sooo I'll be there by tomorrow ;)

Mike_1_5 11 Aug 2012
@jtdakiddhse @fly9ht_boi276 interview RAY DANIELS WITH DA STICK UP KID - Awr2012

MistaAlinco 11 Aug 2012
If someone becomes all offended by what you tweet, 9 times out of 10 they probably fit the description.

awkward_duck 11 Aug 2012
If I don't find a suitable husband by 38, I'm going to present with a 💍& we're adopting Cambodia twins.

When a tweet doesn't do well I don't beat myself up. I beat up a vagrant named Carl who I keep on retainer for just such a purpose.

OphiraE 11 Aug 2012
Great tonight, followed by whisky, ham & mushroom crepe, and warm beer

WSJ 11 Aug 2012
Next up for Ryan: fundraiser circuit with 10 events scheduled ahead of RNC.

Grady_Booch 11 Aug 2012
Will YouTube be demoted in its search rank by Google since it receives a huge number of takedown notices? Yeah, right.

iStan4MigMoney 11 Aug 2012
& every1 else there was looking at me like wow she's crazy LOL But I was partying all by myself and I was fine with that

FredCuellar 11 Aug 2012
"Whoever doesn't know it must learn and find by experience that a quiet conscience makes one strong." Anne Frank

KempireRadio 11 Aug 2012
New Music: - "Don't Wake Me Up"

FelishaBobe 11 Aug 2012
Eli & Vanessa's wedding song- Sung by David Bobe

XingEr_CEE 11 Aug 2012
now playing " OVERBOARD " by ft. ! :) i love this song ! :) RT Justin & Jasmine .. Love you

DricBaynes 11 Aug 2012

ZorTrades 11 Aug 2012
when the indices are up 5-6 consecutive days in a row, i like to fade them. If stocks are setting up bullishly I will take them $$

tIe_SIN 11 Aug 2012
You make a person feel worse giving excuses then actually telling them what's up

sabrinatafoyaa 11 Aug 2012
It's hotter than satan's balls up in this bitch!

BlackInformant 11 Aug 2012
Trayvon Martin body photo, George Zimmerman's grades accidentally released by prosecutors

itsysbaby 11 Aug 2012
Boy had me in the bowling alley Turnt up bowling strikes

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