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Transformers Birthday Party
An Organized Family: Transformers Birthday Party
015 Mega Beedrill
Type: Bug, Poison || Category: Poison Bee Pokémon || Its legs have become poison stingers. It stabs its prey repeatedly with the stingers on its limbs, dealing the final blow with the stinger on its rear.
Sandshrew & Poochyena,100):origin()/pre12/5329/th/pre/i/2012/212/f/8/ourselves_by_geo_lite-d59ap9u.png
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Sandshrew push toy! Sandshrew push toy!
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Pokémon :3!

SmogonU 24 Feb 2014 shared via Twitter
@Cobracorpvideos Pumpkaboo-L, Burmy, Pumpkaboo-S, Horsea, Gulpin, Venipede, and then Swablu. Full stats:

SmogonU 25 May 2015 shared via Twitter
@AwesomeTorterra Venipede is slightly faster, and all other stats don't matter because it has Focus Sash Endeavor anyway.

ScubaShark88 24 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Accidentally biked off a ledge into grass in pinwheel forrest, then a shiny venipede showed up, I still have him, and his stats aren’t bad.

moosekababs 8 Dec 2016 shared via Twitter
ok so i gotta wait til they drop the updated sumo stuff on smogon and then look at venipede stats bc im gon ev a venipede,

jahtnamas 25 Dec 2015 shared via Twitter
regretting my choices. i unrusted a venipede and it had better stats than the clearly more fun sounding "splendid venipede".

VictorianJedi 16 Aug 2014
I had a Koffing and Venipede earlier because I love Poison types but their base stats were too weak, so they had to go

EmpoleMoe 13 Nov 2013

80Grey 7 Mar 2011
Venipede and Sewaddle have damn good stats for Bug-types

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