venipede move pool - Woodsb

HumanVenipede May 21 shared via Twitter
we all move to twitter 2 to dunk on elon, he buys it and burns it down, the cycle begins anew

fethmusmemeoma Mar 10 shared via Twitter
Power Move

JEHANCOURF Feb 26 shared via Twitter
probably, but i’ll go wherever work takes me. if i get offered an opportunity to make a decent amount of money five days a week then i’ll move to fuckin florida

RiffsLikePoison 12 May 2012 shared via Twitter
*laughs, calling out her Venipede* your move, Kid. *crosses her arms*

elusivefaguette 6 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Type I got: Bug 🐛 Pokemon I love: Surskit 🕷️ Pokemon I hate: Crustle 🦀 Pokemon I hate I love: Venipede 🐜 Move that I love: Signal Beam 👾 Move that I hate: X-Cutter ⚔️ Reply for a type!

namyu_ 24 Sep 2018
8,416 encounters shing venipede I can finally move on with this map quest

cerealed Apr 22
oh right i was putting 02 stickers on it......but im not done so i couldnt move it u_u.....anyways ive successfully tt'd past maintenance bc i never got on ûwû

drrrmrr 20 Jul 2019
i'm confused on why venipede isn't evolving, though... most bug types evolve pretty quick... oh well! he's doing great. he's a natural combination move user, so once he figures out pursuit, we'll mash that up with rollout!

Cloudy_100.0_Venipede_level:18_CP:363 |move:Bug Bite ,Cmove:Signal Beam |DSP:22:43:49(28m 16s)|[location]( |

julianisdumb 27 Oct 2019
if the pictures are too small: Hadou the Lucario- named after Ryu's fireball move thingy Tanji the Dewott- named after tanjiro cos hes a watery boi Dokumushi the Venipede- kinda lame but google tells me it translates to "venom brawler" Leo the arcanine- he cute

DaniSkunk 28 Mar 2015
@22miligrams Read that as "venipede used tweetdeck" like it was his move

glassmoth 9 Jan 2015
Aw, darn. Lack of multiple image support was what made me move from echofon so I'd probably try to find something else then. ; o;

dodgecrissler 16 Jan 2014
ok. Just so you know it's a 6iv venipede, 4iv larvitar and a 3or 4 iv drilbur. Also have egg move gowlithes if you want them

eggbears 10 Jul 2011
wait where is this one DW or lj.... if its lj we need to move it

Aron, duskull,starly, shinx, gible, riolu,the gen 4 starters, roggenrola, timburr,tymploe, venipede, gothita, litwick, axew, or deino.Some have there shiny release but a better move set & some new shinys that deserve a community day Pkm, maybe in the future cuz of the virus

Cloudy_100.0_Venipede_level:7_CP:138 |move:Poison Sting ,Cmove:Gyro Ball |DSP:01:19:27(38m 29s)|[location]( |

VenoshockGod 28 Oct 2019
themselves up from the floor. Akyhls hissed at the intruder with his jaw making clicking noises as he made them move up and down quickly. The figure would soon register into the Venipede's vision. He could see the figure clearly-

VenoshockGod 26 Oct 2019
[Prologue] The newly hatched Venipede was already faced with the difficult realities of life. He was on his back screeching out in pain from the constant barrage he recieved from the attacker. Faster than he can move his small beady eyes, he would only catch glimpse of the--

DerekRRose 19 Nov 2017
I hope I get my shiny Venipede today because I’d actually love to move forward with the plot

Okaniyukio 27 Dec 2016
You can get rock climb by leveling scoliped into level 50 or Get rock climb as an egg move from venipede

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