venipede best moveset pokemon go - Woodsb

pokejungle 31 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
What are the best Horror Movies of the Pokémon World? I'll start: The Human Venipede. Your turn 🔪

bakugo_ftw 9 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
TOP 6: VOLCARONA, BUG/FIRE TYPE, GENERATION 5 TEAM. I actually got a Larvesta because my best friend traded it to me for a Venipede.

ZerTrent 15 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
I like your profile pic. Venipede is the best pokemon evolution line.

ElPajaroMistico 2 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
I was going to draw a Tranquill (The Pokemon) for today, but meh, i´m gonna try to follow steps and draw a story. (Follow him, he is the best)

Rainbowdash546 22 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
I liked a video Pokemon Best Wishes Episode 682 A Venipede Stampede!

char_lottiex Mar 6
The best part of this long ole journey home from London is that I’ve managed to catch some new Pokemon for my Pokédex👍🏻

Hi_Cial Jan 12
Very glad pokemon go added one of the best bugs, venipede But inconsiderate of them to make it a night spawn bc i do my sleeping then

is the best. RT : ⭐️ NOTICIAS ⭐️ Nuevos Pokemon eclosionando: 🔹2 km: Venipede and Dwebble 🔷5 km: Roggenrola, Tympole, Trubbish, Kar…

WaitActuallyHuh 7 Nov 2019
What's your favorite pokemon you nerds, and what moveset do you like for them? Venipede is A1 and I like the simple rollout defence curl but uhhh. Ya know oysters dude fucking oysters

Walnut_kitto 16 Jul 2019
Venipede line appreciation post because they all have beautiful designs and look so nice together. I used one in Pokemon black two and I loved it. One of the best bug pokemon.

Entropiestrom 18 Jun 2019
Fairy's "Which Pokémon is the BEST?!" Twitter Poll Duel Tournament Generation V - Round 1 Match 3 VENIPEDE VS DARUMAKA

CMDR_Valkyrie 19 May 2019
yall ever think about the fact that venipede is the best bug pokemon

thevgmman 27 Feb 2019
Venipede is the best pokemon

mzmazzaire 1 Aug 2018
A pic I drew a while ago. I think the Venipede line (Scolipede, especially) and Salazzle had the best monster designs out of all Poison-types (even though I rarely use that type). Also, Venomoth, Seviper, Toxicroak and Roserade, too.

scoliwings 22 Mar 2018
Best Pokémon that isn’t legendary or starter? — (looks at you dead in the eyes) scolipede. i love their starter line too! venipede! LOOK AT THEM...

ayellowbirds 22 Feb 2018
there are so many good good pokemon and the ground type has so many of the best but they will never be better than weedle, grubbin, venipede, sewaddle, joltik, wimpod, dwebble, combee, shuckle....

robatdteufel 8 Dec 2016
You go spelunking in the Pokémon Pelago, pick the shiny stone route once you've expanded the island, and hope for the best

thalassarche 24 May 2016
the best nicknamed Pokemon I got in a trade is still Cuddles the Venipede.

layoverlife 23 Mar 2016
One of the best ways to pass the time during a 2 hour layover in LA

antwonq 20 Aug 2015
damn, same here Super low stars the best Pokemon I've seen so far, it's like anorith+venipede like AHHHHHH

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