uroko saujana omakase - Woodsb

kyspeaks 25 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
Uroko at Saujana Tropicana. Had agedashi tofu, grilled saba, sushi roll, and sukiyaki. Guess you can't go wrong with Japanese restaurants located near big Japanese communities.

Jing_Tong 25 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
I'm at UROKO Saujana in Damansara, Selangor w/

ezamsaid May 17 shared via Twitter
More 3 months tak dapat makan diluar, hari ini Daniel ajak Iftar japanese cuisine @ UROKO Saujana

ezamsaid Mar 13 shared via Twitter
Bento box Japanese dinner @ UROKO Saujana

ezamsaid 24 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Semalam celebrate my neighbor's birthday @ UROKO Saujana

sinyees 13 Jun 2019

ezamsaid 29 May 2019

ezamsaid 30 Nov 2018
Daniel happy meeting with Gamuda sukses, tonight belanja Japanese food (@ UROKO Saujana in Damansara, Selangor)

jkhooi 28 Nov 2018

kyspeaks 25 Sep 2018

ezamsaid 4 Sep 2018
Daniel business partners for Switzerland Dr michelle coming with wife honeymoon (@ UROKO Saujana in Damansara, Selangor)

Jing_Tong 25 Feb 2018
I'm at UROKO Saujana in Damansara, Selangor w/

ezamsaid 10 Aug 2018
Seminggu sibuk berkerja, enjoy dinner tonight (@ UROKO Saujana in Damansara, Selangor)

Jing_Tong 25 Feb 2018
I'm at UROKO Saujana in Damansara, Selangor w/

dailyherald 20 Feb 2018

observer 17 Feb 2018
New Yorkers now have the opportunity to explore 's , featuring complex flavor combinations, with an omakase-esque approach to drinking.

DanaKaiSushi 19 Feb 2018

icaruskarin 19 Feb 2018
I have to say I adore Miku and her fellow vocaloids so I love that I have this small collection from when Viewster did the Omakase boxes.

cindygallop 20 Feb 2018
The Gallop Extended Birthday Tour continued last night with a treat from Chris Poole - amazing omakase at 8-seat Sushi Take in Ginza with that Japanese rarity, a female sushi chef, Fumi Takeuchi - yayyy!

ChicagoFoodMag 22 Feb 2018
Arami Announces New Omakase Experiences

voiceswrestling 22 Feb 2018
▶️ New Wrestling Omakase #34: WWE 2003-2007 w/ Andrew Rich by

7x7 24 Feb 2018

lagunabeach312 21 Feb 2018

feefatc 20 Feb 2018
Omakase...it’s always beyond amazing. Scallop is always incredible.

JRAY_PoSiTiVE 14 Feb 2018
$38 worth it for Omakase? Hmmm... 🧐 ! ! ! ! !

jeaniusNYC 21 Feb 2018
Me & my UNIverse! #🍣Sublime w/ Sturgeon at . Their Grand Tasting is truly an indulgent and unforgettable experience for ! ❤️ See more on IG stories!

wendellvans 24 Feb 2018
Omakase at noburestaurantmanila n all i took was a picture of dis. I tapped out after Seabass…

tinyurbankitchn 19 Feb 2018
Day 24 of my challenge. Excellent sushi lunch at Sushi Uehara in . Great value. Pictured - sunset of the 12-course sushi lunch omakase. Full post on the blog

ELMIELMO 23 Feb 2018
I'm at Saujana Impian Golf Club

BestFoodBlogEVR 16 Feb 2018
Making my own Krystal omakase.

SushiSeki 20 Feb 2018
Spring on your mind. Spring in the air. A perfect excuse to visit us here in Times Square for Chef Seki's Mini Omakase experience.

BurritoBrosShit 11 Feb 2018

SirrenRossi 19 Feb 2018
Sushi Masters Explain the Art of Omakase | Food Skills via

pete_forester 24 Feb 2018
. just floated the idea of barbecue omakase on . A couple episodes after floating the idea of taco omakase. I’M WITH DAVID. OMAKASE TACOS AND BBQ. AND OTHERS PLEASE.

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