unordered_map insert vs emplace - Woodsb

TheDrainedsoul 15 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
Why would that be the obvious behavior? Other member functions of unordered_map don't behave that way: insert doesn't insert if an equivalent key exists. Why would emplace return a pair with a bool indicating whether it inserted or not if it always inserted?

CPlusPlusGuru_ 18 Oct 2014 shared via Twitter
What is the difference between unordered_map :: emplace and unordered_map :: insert in C++?: What is the diffe...

kweenys 15 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
Learned the hard ward: std::unordered_map::emplace does not update if the key is already in the map, but std::unorderd_map::insert_or_assign (c++17 or newer) does.

SubaruG 3 Dec 2013 shared via Twitter
std::[unordered_]map における挿入は insert より emplace の方が圧倒的に便利だな

tgockel 7 May 2013 shared via Twitter
C++ performance: GCC unordered_map's emplace implementation is significantly slower than insert when repeating keys.

Flast_RO 30 Dec 2011

MichaelVick 29 Dec 2011
How many of y'all watching this Florida St. vs Notre Dame Champs Sports Bowl?

iceboxdesigns 29 Dec 2011
Facebook Timeline vs. Old Profiles: How People View Them Differently [STUDY]

thelibrarynews 29 Dec 2011
Porn in the library: Censorship vs. decency - Los Angeles Times: Porn in the library: Censorship vs. decencyLos ...

calvaradorivera 29 Dec 2011
Tecnicas SEO: White Hat Vs Black Hat

1DarrenTulett 29 Dec 2011
Thierry Henry for vs Leeds in FA Cup? Via “:

WONF4W 29 Dec 2011
VIDEO: UFC 141 weigh-ins -- Lesnar vs. Overeem

CBSTitans 29 Dec 2011
Johnson misses practice but will likely play vs. Texans

nopalize 29 Dec 2011
vs. those who dont employ three workers for every $1 million in revenue earned. New research from Cutting Edge Capital and USDA

Normally_Human 29 Dec 2011
fixie training starting to pay out big time for me today, 112 fixed miles in the Dales Vs gale force winds!

LirisC 29 Dec 2011
Steelers' Roethlisberger plans to play on bad ankle vs. Browns: Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger doesn't ...

DougH 29 Dec 2011
BC vs #23 Harvard, men's basketball (@ Conte Forum for Harvard Crimson vs. Boston College Eagles w/ 10 others)

SirHeppe 29 Dec 2011

deeganlauren 29 Dec 2011
Miranda's suits vs Carrie's nipples

UDBlueHens 29 Dec 2011

zambianguyy 29 Dec 2011
please read and RT my blog. . Arsenal VS QPR match preview

Andy_Staples 29 Dec 2011
All you need to know about UF's O. RT : FSU has more yards in the first half than they did all game vs. Florida.

LeoSilverio64 29 Dec 2011
Tonight Knicks vs Lakers !!

NHLFlames 29 Dec 2011
vs in just a few mins! Starting lineup: BMo, Jackman & Kostopoulos up front; Hannan & Smith on D; Kipper in net. Predictions?

_VXIIV_ 29 Dec 2011
Lightskin vs Darkskin vs brownskin

cknwkidsfund 29 Dec 2011
RT : Fri Dec 30 vs PG (7:30pm) will be our 2nd Music Night of the season! Come ready to enjoy "The Rock of Vancouver"!

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