unordered_map initializer list - Woodsb

Wp120_3238 31 Aug 2015 shared via Twitter

cpp_akira 20 Aug 2008 shared via Twitter
Initializer Listでこんな感じですかねぇ。unordered_map<string, int> m = {{"Akira", 23}, {"Melt", 89}}; *Tw*

MackCollier 19 Aug 2008 shared via Twitter
Go for case studies. Make a list of the cos that are hiring people to head up SM efforts, the list is growing everyday

iphonereviews 19 Aug 2008 shared via Twitter
iPhone News IPHONE N 5 Useful To-Do List Apps For The iPhone: A quick search ..

craft 19 Aug 2008 shared via Twitter
HOW TO - Make a Recycled Paper To-Do List Holder

taxreformer 19 Aug 2008
ATR Blog: A quick list of Washington and Wyoming Pledge Signers in today's primaries-

gruber 18 Aug 2008
Currently #8 in the Top Paid Apps list at the App Store:

pbpost 19 Aug 2008
Need gas? Power out? Here's a list of stations with generators:

timoreilly 19 Aug 2008
Bostrom goes over the edge when he includes "someone turns off the simulation" in his list or risks. That one's out of scope.

pbpost 19 Aug 2008
HuffPost has a list of the best green twitter feeds today 1/2

RyanMoran 19 Aug 2008
Entertaining Lynn Terry's list. Roy Montero is the good egg of the day.

feliciaday 19 Aug 2008
Ok, thx all for the mailing list suggestions, will peruse! I created a special email for Guild volunteers: volunteer (at)

CarrieWilkerson 19 Aug 2008
When single I kept list of musts/mustnts from each date. Was helpful for mking 'dream guy' list. Doing same w/marketers: to do/NOT to do

MackCollier 19 Aug 2008
Nice list of blogging agencies by :

CNN 19 Aug 2008
The Robinsons: Unlikely trio on terror watch list

chrislehmann 19 Aug 2008
Remembering that the email inbox != To Do List.

fark 19 Aug 2008
[Amusing] Today is National Aviation Day. Here's your random list of bizarre stories from the industry: MSNBC

waynesutton 19 Aug 2008
What paid or unpaid tools you use for listing on social media? Twebinar - make a wiki list please or just tweet & tag back

yalsa 19 Aug 2008
YALSA Blog Beloit College Mindset List: Someone told me a few weeks ago that the average 16 year ..

fox5ny 19 Aug 2008
Bronze Fonz Now An 'Ayyyy'-List Celeb In Milwaukee: They're giving two thumbs up to the bronze Fonz in Mi..

ForTheWin 19 Aug 2008
Who's in your five? Sleeper QBS as Heisman contenders under the radar: Last Friday we ran our list of ..

clarionledger 19 Aug 2008
Miss. tops list as obesity grows across nation: A new report says Mississippi again is America's fa..

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