unordered_map initialize to 0 - Woodsb

dougbinks Jan 7 shared via Twitter
After David's successfull results I implemented this for using std::unordered_map (will likely change to custom map) with a hash based off xxhash spec. Compressed this map by 2.9x in 0.23 seconds.

duhonedd Feb 4 shared via Twitter
Something has to be done. 5-20% is one thing, when its 300+% slow, its unusable(unordered_map). Like epochs, I hope an ABI break is a rare, do it once, then freeze it for 20 years. I kind of wish modules had been delayed, and they had become a c++ 2.0, with abi and syntax break.

GabeMoralesVR 25 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter the position in the unordered map indicates the texture unit to bind to. I.e. index 0 means bind the GLint representing shader keyword location to texture unit 0. Constant access would be nice to ensure tight rendering loop without variations.

webdesigningtip 25 Sep 2010 shared via Twitter
: Do I really need unordered_map?: I need to store about 0.1million int into the uno...

lennymaiorani 27 Jul 2011 shared via Twitter
Ugh. My changes to Boost 1.43.0 to template-ize Unordered Map class' Bucket Interface dont apply to Boost svn head. Oh well, works for me.

webdesigningtip 25 Sep 2010
: Do I really need unordered_map?: I need to store about 0.1million int into the uno...

espn 25 Sep 2010
Stanford tops ND, 4-0 for first time since 1986 -

hoIdmydrugs 25 Sep 2010
Mum: Were Going To DisneyLand! Me: Oh... Mum: Why Arent You Excited? Me: Because I Would Much Rather Go To BIEBERLAND!

verizonfios 25 Sep 2010
RT : FiOS TV Online now includes CNN and HLN [EngadgetHD] <-we are just getting started, so much more to come

benfritz 25 Sep 2010
About to start a huge Texas wedding followed by a reception at the petroleum club

OhMyNickJay 25 Sep 2010
I when I wake up, during the day, before going to bed AND I have very sweet Jonas dreams :D

StevenTaylor 25 Sep 2010
Editing the shoot. It's looking cool! We are going to release some really cool behind the scenes footage of that too.

ChicagoFire 25 Sep 2010
Hispanic Heritage Night here . Teams starting to lineup in the tunnel. - coming up.

obxlaw 25 Sep 2010
then you have my permission to use buttrumpet.

SpartanRace 25 Sep 2010
Attention Texas Spartans: If you're in the Austin area, head on down to The Library on 6th street and enjoy a beer...

alexsotirov 25 Sep 2010
This is a reversing challenge I created for the CSAW CTF at NYU Poly: The first one to solve it wins a custom Pwnie!

SuryaHeatNBA 25 Sep 2010
With word of Bynum still unable to play, it sounds like the Lakers should have more concerns about the 5 spot than the Heat

taraplayfair 25 Sep 2010
Get ur lessons from >RT : I am going to get lessons 4 christmas! I (cont)

backseatgoodbye 25 Sep 2010
I'm not well right now & have to go away for a few days. Posted a blog about why @

thegeekwitch 25 Sep 2010
Christians: You can't live with 'em, you can't feed 'em to the lions anymore.

AbundanceofMimi 25 Sep 2010
i love all my followers so much they got me to 300 followers get me to 330 plz xoxo

murphylee 25 Sep 2010
Jus left the gateway classic, 40thousand dollar scholarship was given to a young lady..shout out to all HBCU schools....Ucme

wordlust 25 Sep 2010
Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, but bring the nacho cheese to me.

AlisonRoyer 25 Sep 2010
I'm gonna adopt a highway & none of u will be allowed to use it. I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

Daniel_Lowery 25 Sep 2010
In 42's, people don't seem to realise there's a step infront of them, and keep falling into me lol good music though

TalleyisMajor 25 Sep 2010
I rather spend 500 on my credit card than cash. I hate to see money taken away from me. Even if I get something in return lol

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