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Secret Amsterdam: 30+ secret places to visit in Amsterdam by a local
The Agnietenkapel is one of the original buildings part of the University of Amsterdam. This exclusive address has a long and rich history! #amsterdam
citizenM Addresses Common Travel Problems by Creating Brainwaves, A New Music Experience
Amsterdam in 2008, the brand’s mission has been to address the needs of the modern traveler through the concept and design of its hotels. Now, citizenM has taken this commitment to the next level by creating a ‘Guide to Business Travel’, which will address common issues experienced by those who are often in transit. Volume one of the guide is called Brainwaves–an innovative musical collaboration between citizenM, London based record label Erased Tapes, music scientists at Goldsmiths, University
Gedächtniskonzepte Der Literaturwissenschaft
Gedachtniskonzepte Der Literaturwissenschaft
Aerotropolis - by John D Kasarda & Greg Lindsay (Paperback)
Aerotropolis - by John D Kasarda & Greg Lindsay (Paperback)
The Psychology of Desire by Footprint Books
Providing a comprehensive perspective on human desire, this volume brings together leading experts from multiple psychological subdisciplines. It addresses such key questions as how desires of different kinds emerge, how they influence judgment and decision making, and how problematic desires can be effectively controlled. Current research is reviewed on underlying brain mechanisms and regulatory processes. Cutting-edge measurement tools are described, including practical recommendations for the
15 Cool Things to Do in Leiden on a Weekend
Whether you want to go on a day trip from Amsterdam or looking for a weekend in Leiden, these top things to do will help you decide what to see in this medieval city. From the Hortus Botanicus gardens to the museum scene, this guide includes addresses, recommendations for places to eat, the best museums to visit and where to find the coziest spots in the city. #europetravel #netherlands
Migration and Health by Footprint Books
Witchcraft, Intimacy, and Trust by Peter Geschiere
In Dante's Inferno, the lowest circle of Hell is reserved for traitors, those who betrayed their closest companions. In a wide range of literatures and mythologies such intimate aggression is a source of ultimate terror, and in Witchcraft, Intimacy, and Trust, Peter Geschiere sketches it as a central ember at the core of human relationships, one brutally revealed in the practice of witchcraft. Examining witchcraft in its variety of forms throughout the globe, he shows how this often misunderstoo
Concept Art
Human Dignity in the Biotech Century - (Paperback)
interieur, trap en bank
Carry Forth the Stories | WSU Press
WSU Press book by University of Idaho cultural anthropologist wins prestigious Evans Handcart Award
Hermes Explains - (Hardcover)
Human Dignity in the Biotech Century - (Paperback)
Hermes Explains - (Hardcover)
New Evidence on van Gogh’s Ear Continues Debate on Painter’s Mental State - The New York Times
The hidden ways your language betrays your character
Every time we open our mouths, we unwittingly reveal our personalities. #primary school international in Cairo #secondary school international in Cairo
6 Apartment Hunting Mistakes
Are you addressing your future tenants' apartment-hunting concerns?
Claire Sherman - Underbrush
Singapore will trial a full-size autonomous bus
Claire Sherman - Tree and Water
Claire Sherman Contemporary Print: Tree Water 2018
A black, Orthodox rabbi’s novel addresses racism in the Jewish community | National News |
Political Science and Changing Politics -
Political Science and Changing Politics
Follow in the footsteps of Rembrandt: Key locations for Rembrandt
Love Rembrandt's artwork? Discover Rembrandt's life by following his footsteps with key addresses to visit in the Netherlands, a brief history of his life (and art), and the best museums to see Rembrandt's art on display in the Netherlands (and abroad). #rembrandt #dutchmasters #oldermasters #arthistory #art #travel #holland #leiden

makurakelvin 22 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
Use of social media to address stigma and discrimination + readymovement hivaidsalliance aidsfonds aidshealthcare @ University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van…

henkvaness 18 Oct 2012 shared via Twitter
Prepping research course for University of Amsterdam: how to find a very well hidden e-mail address

FustoloSusanna Jan 2 shared via Twitter
Great! The thesis will be published on the institutional repository of the university of amsterdam, but in the meantime: send me your email address through a dm and i will email it to you.

mampaiva 7 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
prof. dr. A.M. (Fred) Brouwer - van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences - University of Amsterdam - P.O. Box 94157 - 1090 GD Amsterdam - The Netherlands - tel: +31205255491- - visiting address: Science Park 904 -

Sapann_Ggn 21 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
it was sent to the address University of Amsterdam, Economics and Business, ESC/Admissions Office attn. Diana Hense, Valckenierstraat 59, 1018 XE Amsterdam. Pls help

malfletcher 16 Feb 2018
Some things you CAN predict! Technology is not DESTINY! From my address to students & grads at University of Amsterdam.

LIncurvati Apr 6
If you like to use the PhilPapers database (as I do), you can also access articles directly from there (and without VPN) by clicking on the links 'via University of Amsterdam' (once you're logged in with an account that uses your UvA address).

NeilReid63 19 Jun 2014
Robert Kloosterman of the University of Amsterdam giving the keynote address to conference delegates.

aacAaron 2 Aug 2013
@bill_flynton university stuff. By any chance did you go to the university Of Amsterdam and get an email address?

enoughbsUvA 6 Apr 2017
We are not the first to address the University of Amsterdam's undemocratic actions.

StudentConsMelb 30 Jan 2017
Caitlin Southwick from the University of Amsterdam has recently started a group which aims to address the amount...

UvA_Amsterdam 20 Nov 2019
Listening to delivering his first address at the University of Amsterdam and being interviewed

ChelseaLeeDavis 30 Jan 2015
One of my college French profs gave a keynote address @ University of Amsterdam: Félicitations, Prof. Deininger!

SMPAGWU 27 Jun 2014
Prof recently traveled to the University of Amsterdam to address their "Communication Science on the Spot" session...

MikeWagenman May 4
In an 1889 Free University of Amsterdam convocation address, rector and professor Abraham Kuyper longingly remembers the days when students didn't have to pay tax on their wine.

co_create 7 Jul 2018
How to address Algorithmic Bias in platforms and apps? Excited about all the new research tools and techniques I picked up at a week-long collaborative project at University of Amsterdam

thijsroes 25 Feb 2015
Head of University of Amsterdam is forced to raise her hand when she wants to address students.

cadc_meetbot 15 Dec 2018
Advancing Theoretical Astrophysics: Date Monday 15, July 2019 to Friday 26, July 2019 Location University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Contact Sera Markoff Address Science Park Campus, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Web Site

cadc_meetbot 7 Sep 2018
From winds to jets: the role of outflows in compacts binaries: Date Monday 01, July 2019 to Thursday 04, July 2019 Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands Contact Juan Hernandez Santisteban Address Anton Pannekoek Institute University of Amsterdam Science…

cadc_meetbot 31 Jan 2018
Triple evolution and dynamics - TRENDY-2: Date Monday 10, September 2018 to Friday 14, September 2018 Location Lorentz Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands Contact Silvia Toonen Address Anton Pannekoek Instituut voor Sterrenkunde University of Amsterdam

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