university of american samoa law school motto - Woodsb

TipsScales May 24 shared via Twitter
"University of American Samoa, what a joke" Jimmy busted his ass to pass the Bar exam lol, how do you put a guy down when he grinds this much

drofnaps May 25 shared via Twitter
As an RA, my role requires me to be of Pastoral Care for over 300 first year university students from all over NZ. None are Samoan. It’s Samoan Language week so it’s a perfect time to share my beautiful culture. Currently running a Siva Samoa workshop and a “cheehoo” contest 🤣

zeroservings May 24 shared via Twitter
i want that university of american samoa sweatshirt

samoaobserver May 24 shared via Twitter
The work of four National University of Samoa (N.U.S.) students on a marketing assignment has led to them to brew a homemade beer called "Mate". They tell us all about it.

arjayo May 26 shared via Twitter
His pancreas has an honorary BA from Stable Genius University of American Samoa

samoaobserver 8 hours ago
The National University of Samoa Students Association has turned its attention to a handwashing campaign project, following the cancellation of all sporting activities this year due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

DaveSam14238292 8 hours ago
Just to clarify. The Party of inclusion & tolerance has rejected the following candidates for President: A gay guy An Asian guy A Black guy An American Samoa Female Army Vet A Female graduate of Yale & University of Chicago Law A fake Indian woman and A Jewish guy

jakequintonMD 15 hours ago
Testimony: , director of antiracist research/policy American university; , Pres/CEO ; , chief patient exp. officer MGH/BW; , Pres. American Action Forum; Alicia Fernandez, ; Raynald Samoa (2/n)

ubiq_auckland May 27
We are almost at the end of Samoan language week, but its never too late to start reading! Where We Once Belonged is an unflinchingly honest, poetic and often wildly funny coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of 1970s Samoa a society SHOP NOW:

Just became a jewish shaman I learned it in American Samoa university

VicUniWgtn May 26
“Gagana Sāmoa has a strong future because of its ability to adapt,” says lecturer Dr Sadat Muiava, who has recently completed his PhD on the changes to Samoan language across history arising from missionary and government influences

VicUniWgtn May 26
While they aren't on campus yet, this Samoan Studies class can still sing together. Enjoy this rendition of Le atunu'u pele, by Matâ'upu tau Sāmoa 2020 cyber choir in honour of

VicUniWgtn May 26
To celebrate , asked lecturer Dr Sadat Muaiava to share his insights on 'good talk' and 'bad talk' in gagana Sāmoa

tarminian May 26
Tigers are just cats, so everyone should have one as a pet. -Joe Exotic phD in felineology University of American Samoa

ubiq_auckland May 25
Mary's next book recommendation in celebration of Samoan Language week 2020 is: The Samoan Dictionary by GB Milner. First published in 1966, this dictionary was commissioned by the Governments of Western and American Samoa. SHOP NOW:

samoaobserver May 24
University of Auckland’s Dr. Tamasailau Suaalii-Sauni, who has written extensively on legal pluralism in Samoa said there has been an ad hoc approach to codifying elements of Samoan custom as it suits political ends, and that it needs to stop.

samoaobserver May 24
Homesick but determined: students from Samoa studying at the University of Otago in Dunedin say they miss home, are struggling through the radical lockdown conditions in New Zealand but are committed to their studies.

browneindo May 22

What? And the University Of American Samoa? Saul Goodman? What are you talking about?

DCI_Morse_OXF May 21
Legal counsel με πτυχίο απο το University of American Samoa όπως ο Saul Goodman?

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