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oh_so_jess 3 Sep 2010 shared via Twitter
I love ulta rewards, I only had to pay for the cotton balls so I saved like $57 http://plixi.com/p/43123724

ultabeauty 23 Mar 2017 shared via Twitter
You can use Ulta gift cards, the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, & the Ultamate Rewards MasterCard to pay for services at the Salon!

notfolu 22 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
ulta: small coupons to encourage every day purchases, sale/discount periods that cover products that are actually popular, a simple rewards scheme sephora: if you want a discount, you must first pay with blood and earn it with tears (rewards redeemable for 45 seconds each week)

Alicia52024960 Apr 1 shared via Twitter
So...you cant speak for other stores yet people shouldn't be mad about this? Sephora is worth billions. They can afford to pay all their employees and not burden the unemployment resources. I'm still switching to Ulta, because sephora customer service and rewards program suck

psLove_Summer 12 Oct 2017 shared via Twitter
I have the Ulta rewards system figured out. I never shop without a sale or bonus point offer. Pay me to shop please. 😊 And Ebates!

LenitaJanae 31 Dec 2018
I placed an order on the Ulta app yesterday morning at about 7am. The order was supposed to be paid using my Ultamate Rewards credit card but when I hit place order the freakin payment was taken from my debit account stored in my Apple Pay account.

mongobeanz 6 Dec 2018
same 🙁...but if you get a ULTA CC it helps alot I use it and then just pay it off. The lowest starting is around $150. but it also gives you access to certain rewards and discounts lol

Ashkhen 17 Sep 2019
Yes, they are not announcing it because people would riot. They will start a new rewards point system similar to Ulta where you can pay for you products. But they can’t let people with thousands of points (a lot of their customers) to switch to that. So our points will burn 🔥

Sqquid 10 May 2018
Some in are growing faster than you would expect. Pay attention to your customers and how they shop. Pay attention to the details and reap the rewards:

alexxaluciaa 24 Jul 2017
Waiting till it comes out on the 1st online through Ulta so I can use my rewards to buy it and only pay like $20 outta my pocket 😍😍

BbyGenaa 1 May 2019
Thank you, I was going to pay with my Ulta rewards card 🙁

RealRebelElle 19 Jun 2018
I will gladly pay using Kohl’s cash, but never my Ulta rewards. I worked for those

Rubymoon_1968 19 Nov 2018
Love an Ulta haul, love it even better when you only pay 58 cents out of pocket! Rewards pay and e-gift cards are awesome! Thanks

endwithstyle Apr 26
Ulta wants to “pay” us to pretty much try new brands. Sephora wants us to be brand loyalists because it’s hard to even get rewards and when we get them, we want to use them to restock what we already know and use.

makeup_sug 12 Jul 2017
But you can get like kohls cash or the rewards points at Ulta to pay off part of them or th sephora VIB sale

xfarahalyx 6 Jan 2018
does ulta ship to canada now? do y'all pay customs? i need the tea asap cuz i'm willing to deactivate my sephora account cuz the rewards suck

blushingbirdie 6 Aug 2019
That’s super frustrating. I hope they figure it out for you! I have the Ulta MasterCard and it was the best decision I ever made. I always pay it off in full so it doesn’t cost me anything, and I rack up points from buying everyday stuff 🙌 Curious if the Sephora is worth it 🤔

What!? 😍 it’s a snack delivery service with rewards like Ulta soooo awesome and they pay drivers a BASE GUARANTEED pay and commission!

comoquepunk Apr 30
I get my hair and brows done at ulta and pay for it with my ulta credit card which earns me like twice the rewards points. That way I can spread out the payments AND use those rewards for the NEXT time I get my hair done, which saves me like $20. Repeat every 3 months 😂

As snotty as I can be, I still prefer Ulta. Why should I pay full price at Sephora for the same product? To get a microscopic sample I'll inevitably toss in the trash? I'm interested to see how well the new rewards system works only because I do still buy certain brands there.

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