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pyprpypr 19 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
That is exactly what my last GM did. Absolute retaliation. There are other workers waiting for their final payment as well. Also I have written evidence my last GM is lying about mailing my final check and HR still will not help me receive my owed payment for my labor.

poultryleg 19 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
no pronouns . do not address me

AzadiRojava 19 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
But we can together, change this policy of leaders looking away from reality, acting as if it's not happening. By calling them, mailing them, telling them we want this to change. You can make the change. We are all drops of water but together we make a wave as strong as a tsunami

amutambara 19 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Zim Symposium Develop solutions (political & economic). Political reforms --> undisputed poll outcomes. Fashion a shared national vision & strategy. Sanctions are symptoms & NOT core issue Address reasons they were imposed. Address self-imposed sanctions

pimecorp 19 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Your first mistake was assuming that you could opt out of our mailing list, Mr. Bond.

Newsweek 19 Nov 2019
Albuquerque mayor re-sends Trump campaign bill for rally, alleges $211k payment "overdue"

NYPD102Pct 19 Nov 2019
If you’re mailing checks or money orders, protect yourself from mailbox fishing and check fraud. Drop mail containing checks inside the post office to ensure that your mail is not stolen from a mailbox.

hellocutecumber 19 Nov 2019
❤️ OPEN ADOPTS ❤️ African Palm Civet adopts! I’ll add a name and color palette after payment is sent! Each adopt is $25 please DM or comment to claim

BCollver 19 Nov 2019
You are wrong on this issue. A civilian has no obligation or reason to address rank. So under your standards, Rep Nunes should salute him when passing by? Just addressing rank

vickienatale 19 Nov 2019
Need your address to send the signed hat !🧢

WCVB 19 Nov 2019

protctdemocracy 19 Nov 2019
The fact that Trump’s scheme was uncovered before the Ukrainians could complete payment (bc an investigation was opened) does not absolve him. It is *still bribery* under the law.

ahomari_ 19 Nov 2019
Non Black KPop Stans: I’m a beat her ass when I see her. Black K-Pop Stan: bet, I live at [insert address] I dropped a pin so you can find me. I’ll be waiting outside.

thedailytexan 19 Nov 2019
NEW: “These are all important steps, but our work is just beginning.” UT President Greg Fenves announces formation of Misconduct Working Group to address university sexual misconduct policies after continued student protest.

kittynalgas 19 Nov 2019
i need other influencers to stop accepting free product as payment and start being assertive with their rates. when you work for free, you make the brands come in my email without any budget. like nah sis fuck u pay me!

RMarchNZ 19 Nov 2019
Wish low income neighbourhoods got funding to have these cool, modern, beautiful playgrounds :) Everybody deserves to have access to recreational public spaces. We need to address our geographical inequities when it comes to infrastructure funding.

kuyamanzano 19 Nov 2019
Saleslady makes an appointment to sell me their course: - I give my time and I don't even get treated for coffee - They ask for 60k payment for their course and they are just a start up who nobody knows - No free trial, no money back guarrantee, no results promised 0 biz

heathersweetab 19 Nov 2019
Or, you could urge both parties to return to the table and address the safety concerns of the workers. Same result with a better outcome instead of disrespecting workers rights and constitutional rights to fair bargaining. What, where have we seen this before?

taylor4arizona 19 Nov 2019
I’m sure this man has served his country honorably and should be held in high esteem, but this was pretty ridiculous. I mean come on, the whole country knows you are a Lt. Colonel. You didn’t have to demand the Congressman address you by rank, he isn’t your subordinate.

VeteransENG_CA 19 Nov 2019
We are continuing to make corrective payments for an error in the calculation of adjustment rates for certain benefits between 2003 – 2010. If you haven't received your payment, please know that we are working to process them as quickly as possible.

JoAnnPDX 19 Nov 2019
What's about? It's about getting the right first responder to the right incident at the right time. It's time to modernize our first responder system with a new branch of responders to address low/no acuity 911 calls. Council will discuss 11/21 at 2pm

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