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Justducky175 16 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Glad to hear it. I took me a long time to realize just how choked by Prime I was. Oh, if you like Sephora & Ulta but don't wanna pay shipping, you can get a lot of the same stuff at which has free shipping on beauty items.

christerellla 6 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
“11” by kiss lashes if you are going for more of a natural look 4 pairs $8 “Juliette” by House of Lashes available at Ulta only $12 “Kylie” by Dollar Lash Club ONLY $1 Mink lashes mostly just pay like $5-$6 dollars for shipping and month subscription

mjpveg 7 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
Kloraine is by far my fave. Try the non aresol one they make - I’m impressed. I won’t pay full price for it tho so I always watch the sales at Ulta. Otherwise big sexy hair makes a good one.

JASMINEHUSTLES 16 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
Girl I’m in target rn. Lol and I’m diff gonna try applying again. It’s one right by where I stay. And that’s more than Ulta trying to pay me. It’s just something temp until I find something I’m more comfortable with.

kksteffany 6 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
i have an Ulta by my job and today realized they have a cherry palette and if i stay under budget when my next pay period comes around, that baby is mine

Shabana68967773 28 Jun 2019
True bound by terrible contract. Just double pay was the perk, poor fellow I feel so sad.

SupremeSwinger 3 Oct 2019
waiting for this resistance break to exit calls missed selling 257.5C by 10 cents looks like Algos don’t want to pay 💰 me 😂

VanessaCruger 26 Sep 2019
Did I forget clean up the dog shit in the yard, walk the dog, take him to the groomers, clean out the garage, change the tires over, grocery shop, pay the bills, run by ulta for the teenagers, and cook dinner. 🤣

aligermm 27 Jun 2019
I was gonna get one on pay day but I’ve heard such wild things on the internet.. lmk how it goes. You going to the one by Ulta?

MariaCorghi 10 Jul 2016
I'm getting my first pay check tomorrow & i'm already telling myself that I can't pass by Ulta 😂

MakeupxoMommy 1 Aug 2018
Hell no. I’ve worked at Sephora, Ulta, and now I’m in Macy’s at their Impulse counter. Ulta was by far the worse. Terrible pay, Terrible management, terrible customers. 😭😭😭

_LaLucky 24 Sep 2013
oh well Gimme Brow by Benefit is like a mousse for ur brow! Get it @ ULTA, Sephora, or a Benefit Boutique (they pay me btw)

5/ We can't just look at growth though, we must also pay heed to valuation. Interestingly, by free cash flow yield, is the cheapest and is the most expensive.

casssn_ Apr 2
I work at ulta it’s not a perfect company by any means and I wish they would pay their part time employees maternity leave (I’m still on mine so not getting paid right now) but damn I’m glad I didn’t get fired

Savitritvs 8 Feb 2018
Courts wont pay U to approach them,ulta U have to pay to be heard by them;n what will they say there?Here,500k perDay income!

BridalCorpse 17 Jul 2018
Ulta was by far the worst job I’ve ever had. Shit hours. Shit pay. I didn’t get a raise I was promised. Didn’t get my bonus I was promised. Was told there was no bereavement pay when there was. Drama just because they can. Complaints weren’t taken seriously. Such a toxic place.

freshdeals 29 Jun 2010
Fresh Deal: Ulta - $10 off $10! pay $5.95 shipping.: Rating: 0 Posted By: fokatkamaal Views: 58 Replies: 0 ULTA ... http://bit.ly/9tu6jC

Sephora (owned by Louis Vuitton, which also owns other designer brands) makes $4 billion in yearly revenue and "couldn't afford" to pay 3k+ of their employees, so they laid them off via voicemail. Ulta makes $2 million/year and is continuing to paying their employees. Appalled.

Sephora been trash and will always be trash. They have million dollar companies working with them. OWNED by a billion dollar company. Never could pay their staff what they are worth, basically, shop at Ulta.

HigginsSierra Mar 30
Shipping charges are a scam right now. Like “Hey, I really need some new face wash but I’m going to abide by the CDC rules and not step foot into Ulta” But Ulta is all like “SiNcE yOu DiDnT sPeNd $100 PLeAsE pAy $5.95 ShIpPiNg” Such a Carole Baskin thing to do.

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