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Quick Win to Ulta Credit Card Login – Ulta Credit Card Payment
Ulta Credit Card Login Ulta Credit Card is also known as the Ultimate Credit card that allows cardholders to get extra benefits when they regularly shop at Ulta beauty. Ulta credit card has two types of credit cards, the Ultimate Reward MasterCard and Ultimate Reward credit card. The difference between the two cards is that… Read More »Quick Win to Ulta Credit Card Login – Ulta Credit Card Payment
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halfmoonatalie 14 Jul 2017 shared via Twitter
so there is a ulta mastercard and then a regular ulta credit card. is there a way to apply for the non-mastercard only?

dancedrama1 12 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
My ulta MasterCard just got a credit increase 😩😭 why do y’all do this shit to me ?!? 😭

anomalycele 16 May 2019 shared via Twitter
I’ve spent $600 on my Ulta MasterCard credit card in the span of 3 weeks how long does it take for my points to show up?

RachhhMillerrr Apr 3 shared via Twitter
We love to see it. Discover, Cap One Quicksilver, Cap One MasterCard, Ulta, Torrid, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret. All of my credit cards. All paid off.

KarinaMHermans Jan 9 shared via Twitter
Just got a credit increase on my Ulta Mastercard 😍🥳💃

xoxofnicole 4 Mar 2019
not? so first of all the lady “Rachael” tells me my total and I’m like ‘okay can I apply for the ulta mastercard?’ and if you guys are a loyal ulta customer you know there are 2 credit cards you can apply for. One in store and the MasterCard where you can use anywhere that

kenyasilva23 8 Jan 2019
i just got approved for an Ulta MasterCard Credit Card, nothing is stopping me in 2019

babyliv823 16 Oct 2018
honestly... I didn’t need to get this damn Ulta credit card. 🤦🏻‍♀️ & it’s a Mastercard at that, not just a store credit card. 🙃

askcomenity 2 Sep 2018
If you have our Ulta MasterCard account it can be used anywhere. If you have the regular Ulta credit account it, it can only be used for Ulta purchases. ^WA

noruhhh 13 Feb 2018
ULTA literally approved me for a MasterCard with a $6,000 credit limit...... let the poor choices begin.

milcanotmilka 9 Dec 2017
I applied for an Ulta credit card just for fun thinking they’d decline my request. Got approved for an Ulta MasterCard with a $1k credit limit. Guess who done goofed?

brittafilta 2 Dec 2017
Lol not only did I get an ulta credit card I got a mastercard meaning I can use it anywhere 🤦🏻‍♀️

xJordanRomerox 24 Nov 2017
So my credit card company basically doubled my credit limit right before Black Friday, and now I just got approved for an Ulta MasterCard 🤷🏻‍♀️

waifumandy 21 Nov 2017
I finally got my Ulta MasterCard and it's a pink sparkly credit card. Helllll yes 💕✨😍😍

seasonal_queen 15 Nov 2017
I got the ulta MasterCard ... not just the ulta credit card. Meaning i can use it .. wherever i want ... curse my amazing credit score 😭 i just wanted the ULTA credit card

whateverhailey_ 6 Oct 2017
Applied for an Ulta credit card. Wanted the MasterCard, applied for the store card instead. Was told I could reapply for the MasterCard and it would consolidate the other card. Can't do that.

deadwriting 27 Sep 2017
applied for an ulta credit card and got approved for an ulta mastercard bc I have good credit 😩👌🏻

imissyouraccent 9 Jun 2017
I got an ulta credit card today bitch and sarah got an ulta MasterCard- we're gonna see harry ladies

GunnellHannah 18 Sep 2016
You can get a MasterCard thru Ulta.... Goodbye credit

chelseuhhhh 29 Aug 2016
Preapproved for the MasterCard credit card at ulta. I'm screwed 😂

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