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lakelynneee May 27 shared via Twitter
It's this one. I got it on sale, def didn't pay 35 lol

frugalgirls Feb 6 shared via Twitter
16 BRILLIANT ULTA BEAUTY SHOPPING HACKS YOU'LL WISH YOU TRIED SOONER! 😮 Learn how to never pay full price at Ulta again! 🙌 Here's What You Need to Do ->>

ultabeauty 22 May 2018 shared via Twitter
2/2 ... Please know we hope Carol returns to Ulta Beauty and the role she loves. We have offered her some time off with pay while she decides. In the meantime, we know one tweet can’t address all your questions and concerns but we do promise to do better.

HerCampus 11 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
ColourPop (aka beauty that won't break the bank) is now at Ulta so you don't even need to pay shipping!!

RobinKarber 14 Aug 2015 shared via Twitter
When selfies pay off. 😍😍😍 Thanks @ULTA_Beauty!

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mbld77 16 Dec 2014
@ULTA_Beauty HAHA! I'd rather use the gift card for good. On things in your store...not to pay for the train to get to work. :)

PBCountySheriff 19 Dec 2013
Have You Seen Her? She took $1,428 worth of Perfumes from a @Ulta_Beauty in and Forgot to pay for it.

LHSLASD 13 Nov 2019
Do you recognize this person? The pictured suspect is wanted for taking approximately $2,000.00 worth of product from 'Ulta Beauty' in Calabasas without any attempt to pay for the products. Detectives would appreciate any tips in identifying this suspect.

MorningWolfMatt 20 Aug 2018
What I learned today on The Morning Wolfpack: It's // Apparently we've been using manual can openers wrong ALL OF OUR LIVES // Don't go to dinner with me unless you're prepared to pay // Brittany is only 19 but making $39K a year at Ulta Beauty!!

KnockOut_20 4 Sep 2014
So much on sale at @ULTA_Beauty while I pay med. expenses/bills😣Can I just stumble upon a $300 Ulta gift card? Someone make it happen!!!

AspynOvard 21 Sep 2011
Never accidentally pay for Next Day Air shipping from @ULTA_Beauty BECAUSE IT WILL NOT BE DELIVERED THE NEXT DAY. .

KarenAKnapp 13 Mar 2014
@ULTA_Beauty They couldn't pay me to miss you. I will be watching!

dawna_dawna May 9
And if they are online orders?? Ulta does not offer an easy mail return option for online orders - which is why returning in store is a convenience. In fact, Ulta puts it on the customer to pay for shipping themselves — but bc of restrictions, beauty products cost $$$$ to ship!

I’m salty that Ulta only put the leave in conditioner on sale. I need the full line...but at half price bc ya girl will not pay $25 for shampoo and another $25 for conditioner 😂 sooo umm I won’t be trying pattern beauty today 🤣

peachofjoy Apr 13
Ulta Beauty and Target are giving their employees hazard and premium pay and I don’t know a single hospital or healthcare center in this area that’s doing the same for their employees.

neckspike Mar 30
The only corona update emails from corps I respect so far is Ulta beauty. You're keeping stores closed and paying staff through at least mid April? Online order fulfillment workers get a $2/hr bonus for hazard pay and stricter cleaning and distance protocols? You're ok.

LAGilman Mar 18
And as a PSA thread, I'm trying to keep track of companies that, while closing stores under Q-orders, are continuing to pay their employees/maintain benefits. Feel free to add any, and links as applicable. Eddie Bauer Sephora Ulta Beauty REI Patagonia LL Bean

girlg33k_Kris Mar 18
Ulta Beauty is closing but will be continuing to pay employees and provide healthcare coverage for those who qualify. Yankee Candle is providing 2 weeks pay based on previous two weeks hours.

Ulta Beauty is closing it’s doors temporarily this week if y’all would pay attention to what actual employees post and not what the public says😂

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