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In January 2012, filmmaker Ava Duvernay was the first African American woman to win the best director prize at the Sundance Film Festival for her film 'Middle of Nowhere'. #blackhistory
I ( Deja Vu) had the opportunity to interview "Auntie" Oprah Winfrey at the "Selma" movie premiere last night! **Look out for the video recap coming soon at!** Oprah plays the role of real life activist Annie Lee Cooper! Very powerful movie!
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Brooke Craig, H.H.P. / H.H.C. on Instagram: “One of the hardest things I did when it came to ditching and switching my home was to throw out my perfume. We attach to certain smells by…”
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YWCA_NCA 21 Jan 2015 shared via Twitter
"Selma" Movie Screening Recap - MLK Day

TKinTheAM 26 Dec 2014 shared via Twitter
Smax Music joins us live in studio for !! Also tune in for our Selma Movie recap! live on...

seancollierpgh 9 Jan 2015 shared via Twitter
recap: INHERENT VICE very good, SELMA great, INTERSTELLAR movie of the year. Top 10 here:

allinreview 8 Feb 2017 shared via Twitter
Selma The Movie | Full Movie Recap and Review | All in Review via

SenatorHamilton 20 Jun 2015 shared via Twitter
I posted 18 photos on Facebook in the album "Movies Under the Stars: Selma Photo Recap"

itsgblock 25 Jan 2015
Recap of movies I've seen recently: Birdman is excellent, Selma is also terrific. Skip the sequels and catch them while they're in theaters.

PrettyPinkHeart 20 Jan 2015
CEO & VP leading the after movie discussion of RECAP|…

ChasingCinema 16 Jan 2015
Listen to our new podcast where Jacob & Louie review Selma, Inherent Vice, and recap the 2015 -

strixtle 15 Jan 2015
quick recap: Y U SNUB SELMA? NO LEGO MOVIE?!

taynement 12 Jan 2015
read luvvie's recap about the GGs. I guess Im in the group of people who don't get why Selma (or any black movie) should automatically win.

sadikhakan 11 Jan 2015
RECAP :I have seen Selma Last Night it was sometimes slow motioned scripted movie compared to Spike…

shyannnn_ 7 Jan 2015
just watched Selma and that movie was INCREDIBLE. Great movie. Great story. Great recap of history. Loved it. Also loved . good job!!

TKinTheAM 26 Dec 2014
Smax Music joins us live in studio for !! Also tune in for our Selma Movie recap! live on...

common 25 Dec 2014
Go see It’s is piece of the movement. out now in NYC, LA, DC & ATL. Everywhere else on Jan 9th

ThatsITLA 24 Dec 2014

washingtonpost 24 Dec 2014
Review: "Selma" is an MLK movie worthy of its subject, just when we need it most

RottenTomatoes 25 Dec 2014
is Certified Fresh at 100% with 58 reviews ---> 🍅 @AVAETC

AfricanaCarr 24 Dec 2014
The movie was predictsble. Nicely shot, heroic figures in feel-good narrative. Don't let your kids think its history. Make them read.

latimes 25 Dec 2014
Movie review: 'Selma' is a powerful telling of the MLK story

michaelrosa1979 25 Dec 2014
'Selma' movie review: Humanizing Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. - Washington Post

Groovin_88 25 Dec 2014
Tryna go see this Selma Movie

ClayborneCarson 25 Dec 2014

ChappellClay 25 Dec 2014
Selma Movie CLIP - Application (2015) - Oprah Win…:

_nupeX6_ 25 Dec 2014
Yea I will be seeing that Selma movie

AfricanaCarr 24 Dec 2014
SNCC deserved way better in movie. To be fair, more evidence that it may be impossible to tell Black stories like this in Hollywood.

briankoppelman 24 Dec 2014
Selma is that rare thing: a great and important movie. Thanks to all who made it for the honesty and love you put on that screen.

kennethFRMG 25 Dec 2014
I wanna see that Selma movie about Martin Luther King, Jr.

CPrice_504 25 Dec 2014
Man that movie Gon be crucial ✊

Thee_White 25 Dec 2014
I highly recommend going to see Selma. Movie is too real.

zoeblaq 25 Dec 2014
Selma Movie - Official Trailer: via

MovieCriticFeed 25 Dec 2014
Reviews - SelmaMovie Review - Indie Wire (blog) - SelmaMovie Review Indie Wire (blog) Selma gets it right...

cameramanjake 24 Dec 2014
The Selma movie looks soooooo good son. I love historical movies 🙌

Caindoe_ 25 Dec 2014
I really gotta see that "SELMA" movie thou 💯

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