meiji college of oriental medicine - Woodsb

JeremiahShirley 18 Aug 2011 shared via Twitter
Amy Guinther earned her Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from Meiji College of Oriental Medicine...

ikuoch 10 Jan 2010 shared via Twitter
An ICE sculpture of tiger of oriental zodiac in Meiji Jingu shrine 2010. It's very COOL.

JNewSFans 14 Sep 2010 shared via Twitter
In 2007, Koyama graduated from Meiji University's Department of History and Geography with a degree in Oriental History

Jap_acupuncture 10 Feb 2010 shared via Twitter
First university of Oriental Medicine in Japan. That's Meiji University of Integrative Medicine.

cyclelicious 23 Dec 2008 shared via Twitter
Kimigayo song / Anthem of Meiji Japan / An oriental earworm!

jephjacques 22 Dec 2008
in my head, Dora looks a lot like this picture of Ellen Allien:

timoreilly 22 Dec 2008
Re (via ) What I find interesting is that almost 10% of tweets are auto-generated from RSS. A bit sad.

shelisrael 22 Dec 2008
@dailytwitter Of course brands belong on Twitter. My point is they will do better if they let us convo with real people on behalf of brand.

problogger 22 Dec 2008
Reading: New Use for Twitter: End-of-Year Family Update Letters

armano 22 Dec 2008
RT : Retweeting : Top 10 Alternative Search Engines of 2008 (via )

shawnrstewart 22 Dec 2008
Feel half out of it. Took some cold medicine that's kicking my butt.

annlevine 22 Dec 2008
any advice or links on cultivating and investing in other mom friends and the importance of friendships? Will blog this week!

pokho 22 Dec 2008
In this day in age of financial turmoil, people are paying far too little attention... to old Uncle Scrooge -

Unigo 22 Dec 2008
College Application Update: The Good, the Bad, and Even More Bad: Despite attempts to inject a little holiday c..

CNNBusiness 22 Dec 2008
Americans back auto bailout - for now: A majority of Americans favor the Bush administration's decision to bail ..

FuselJeremiad 22 Dec 2008
And on the eighth day man/woman said fuck this DRMed tree of knowledge, that apple looks tasty, and thence there was music

jrhyley 22 Dec 2008
Mom's in town! Unexpectedly! I am one of those freaks who actually likes their families, though, so don't expect any comedy out of it.

eroticrogue 22 Dec 2008
This is too cool - - That's a lot of starlings

HuffPostPol 22 Dec 2008
Ben Smith: 'A good year for music': Former Clinton aide Howard Wolfson puts out his annual list of fav.. -Huff ...

ohsherry 22 Dec 2008
A bit of Christmas going on at our house tonight and I have a headache... so a little medicine coke may be needed.

disembedded 22 Dec 2008
As Debts Mount, HBCU Morris Brown College in Atlanta Will Not Reopen Next Semester.

IndieWire 22 Dec 2008
REVIEW | A Corner in Couscous: Abdellatif Kechiche's "The Secret of the Grain": by Leo Goldsmith (December 22, 2..

mdhughes 22 Dec 2008
OMG. I SO WANT THE REAL VERSION OF THIS MOVIE: Related: I'm apparently still 14yo today. Fuck it.

Jesslyn42 22 Dec 2008
LOVE the pics of Elias! He is so cute...I just want to squish his adorable face! Of course I mean that in a good way! :)

webmink 22 Dec 2008
Delighted to discover that four of my photos are now marked as "hot property" on iStock:

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