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Meiji Coffee Beat
“The Roastery” ― Good single-origin coffee, nice outdoor seating, free WiFi and a bustling vibe. Obviously run by massive hipsters ’cause by default they serve their espresso in a champagne flute – ask them for a normal espresso cup when you order. And try some of the pastries. Access: Meiji-jingumae Station【Hit the Coffee Spot at Hipster Cafes in Tokyo】an article by Adriana Paradiso, via:
Meiji Ground & Whole Bean Coffee #ebay #Home & Garden
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Davina⚡️NYC on Instagram: “Taking you to Japan today, to our very first day in Tokyo when we got up early (thank you jet-lag!) to visit the Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and…”
Davina⚡️NYC on Instagram: “Taking you to Japan today, to our very first day in Tokyo when we got up early (thank you jet-lag!) to visit the Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and…”
Meiji Chocolate Home & Garden #ebay
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Meiji The Matcha Chocolate Green Tea Choco Bean to Bar 50g
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akosisupertian May 24 shared via Twitter
lmao this blew up. just wanna say that if you have 60 php and want five different meiji chocolates, this box set exists!! kasama yung criminally underrated coffee beat. grocery store meron mga te. ALSO STREAM or be miserable forever thanks

AVO_Magazine 8 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter

CandyChocolatez 11 Aug 2013 shared via Twitter
Meiji Coffee Beat 1.23 Oz. (Pack of 6): Pack of 6 Product of Japan #123

redgranola Apr 24 shared via Twitter
Good substitute, just in case. Meiji coffee beat chocolate candy, shaped like coffee beans

jlist_snack 13 Nov 2012 shared via Twitter
J-List Snacks: Meiji Coffee Beat

groceryoffer 19 Mar 2014
#9: Meiji Choco Coffee Beat, 1.23-Ounce Units (Pack of 20) Meiji Choco Coffee Beat, 1...

kimjunmyeowns 25 Jul 2014

Derphuntar 7 Apr 2016
You should try Meiji Coffee Beat if you get a chance. Delicious! I get mine from @skoshbox

ShatashiLes May 24
Coffee beat from Meiji rin. HAHAHAHAHAH buuut apollo 'cause it got a little add-on in the taste.

xiaolongbogo May 23
Alam naman nating lahat na Coffee Beat ang superior Meiji candy

hahahaharlequin 17 Feb 2018
Xiumin as Meiji Coffee Beat - smol, but packs quite a punch - strong, but also sweet - hard shell but soft treat inside - keeps u up ;-) - once u have some, u can't get enough

The last of my japanese candy is like this meiji Coffee beat thing thats like. coffee flavored bean shaped chocolate so im giving it to pol

balkanfur 16 Aug 2016
alt: Coffe bean from ur local coffee yeen with a side of Meiji coffee beat

xyz150521 9 Jun 2015

gojuris 6 Apr 2015
Eating Meiji coffee beat (10g carb)

somethngforcat 31 Mar 2015
Fueld by Milo and Meiji Coffee Beat

candyblog 13 Jan 2014
I like them quite a bit. Not as much as the Meiji Coffee Beat, which is usually easier to find.

HomeGardenBuys 10 Dec 2013
Japan Meiji COFFEE BEAT Espresso Chocolate Japanese candy bean shape coffeebeat $2.99

_stephanieecole 22 Nov 2013
Meiji Coffee Beat chocolate/candy is the b e s t best

saresha 7 Nov 2013
Eating meiji coffee beat. Like coffee M & Ms.

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