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What It Do Baby Kawhi Leonard's T-Shirt Hoodie Tank-Top Quotes
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undisputed 31 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
"You know what? It's time, here I go: KAWHI LEONARD, I am back! What it do baby?!" — has forgiven

JoshGerben 28 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Kawhi Leonard has filed two new trademark applications: 1. WHAT IT DO BABY 2. CITY VIEWS OVER INTERVIEWS The applications, filed on October 23rd, indicate that Kawhi intends to use the trademarks as a clothing brand. My breakdown 👇

josemoreno_35 5 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
BREAKING NEWS: Kawhi Leonard was indeed at AmPm in San Diego. Confirmation by the clerk who said he was buying swisher sweets. He then said Kawhi quoted as he walked out “ what it do baby”, ESPN says.

Richie_l0c0 2 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
He came. He won. He left. 30 for 30 presents: What it Do Baby A Kawhi Leonard story

Complex 19 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
2️⃣3️⃣: Kawhi Leonard's "What It Do Baby?" FUN GUY 🤣 ➡️

Complex 30 Jun 2019

peoriachiefs 30 Jun 2019
BREAKING: Kawhi Leonard has signed a four-year, $142 million deal with the Peoria Chiefs. Leonard, when asked for comment on his new deal, said "What it do, baby."

ComplexSports 28 Oct 2019
Kawhi Leonard has filed two new trademark applications. One of them is "WHAT IT DO BABY" More:

ClipperNationCP 28 Oct 2019
Time to get excited about Kawhi Leonard's "what it do baby" apparel!

mkguliford Jan 9
Y'all, I honestly didn't know that black Americans had achieved quite this level of power. A thousand years of darkness? Hot Damn! Just look at us now! We're influencers! ***in Kawhi Leonard's voice*** What it do baby!!!"

exavierpope 19 Aug 2019
Reporter tries to connect w/ Kawhi Leonard with raisined potato salad relatability: “What it be baby” Kawhi: “What it do baby.... that’s funny”

st365com 28 Jun 2019
Sports Talk 365's Kawhi Leonard "What it do baby " impression.

Sportsnet 27 Dec 2019
What it do, baby?” Kawhi Leonard is The Associated Press’ male athlete of the year for 2019, comfortably winning a vote by AP member sports editors and AP beat writers.

balleralert 28 Oct 2019
Kawhi Leonard Plans To Trademark “What It Do Baby?” And Other Viral Lines

ByTimReynolds 27 Dec 2019
The Fun Guy. The Board Man who got paid. The NBA Finals MVP. A champion, again. "What it do, baby?" Kawhi Leonard is The Associated Press' male athlete of the year for 2019.

HYPEBEAST 29 Oct 2019
Kawhi Leonard has filed to trademark his phrase "What It Do Baby."

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DrakesVault Apr 10
Bomboclaat scopatumana caption this reaction video kawhi leonard what it do baby backwards hat rolling a blunt in the backseat of a car classic meme funny

kingpenslim Mar 3
Cornrows on the block wit New Balances no Kawhi Leonard...what it do baby??? Ayyyye check my mans out he said a lot what y’all think? Tap in let him kno he crushed it

jby_23 Jan 4
I sent her the Kawhi Leonardwhat it do baby” video

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