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The funniest television I've ever seen: SCTV (Second City TV). Original cast was John Candy, Andrea Martin, Rick Moranis, Joe Flaherty, Dave Thomas, Eugene Levy, and Catherine O'Hara. Another cast member was Martin Short.
SCTV (1976-1981)
Joe Flaherty and Andrea Martin in Second City TV (1976)
Joe Flaherty - Second City 1969
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SCTV cast 1982 clockwise from top left; John Candy, Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Andrea Martin and Dave Thomas. SCTV (Second City Television) was a Canadian television sketch comedy show offshoot from Toronto's Second City troupe that ran between 1976 and 1984. .One of the most brilliant comedy shows ever created, the ensemble cast featured John Candy, Robin Duke, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Rick Moranis, Catherine O’Hara, Harold Ramis, Tony Rosato, Martin Short and Dave Thomas.
Deborah Harmon is the beautiful, blue-eye that starred as the love interest of Kurt Russell in the movie "Used Cars." She is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, and was a member of the famed Second City improvisational group in 1974 that included John Candy, Harold Ramis, Joe Flaherty and Dan Akroyd. Deborah came to Hollywood with her fellow Second City actors and appeared in "Back to the Future" films, "Laverne and Shirley," "Married With Children" and "M*A*S*H."
TV Guide Canada #230
TV Guide Canada #230 May 23, 1981. Joe Flaherty, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy, John Candy, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, and Catherine O'Hara of NBC's "SCTV Network 90."
Joe Flaherty, John Candy, Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy, Martin Short
Joe Flaherty brings SCTV's Count Floyd back from the undead for Edmonton band's video
Joe Flaherty as County Floyd (SCTV)
SCTV Half Wits
SCTV Half Wits - "You are a family man, isn't that right?" "Yes, that is correct, I have 2 wonderful parents & a brother."
Andrea Martin as Edith Prickley, John Candy, Joe Flaherty as Floyd Robertson aka Count Floyd, Martin Short as Ed Grimly, Eugene Levy
Joe Flaherty and Ann Ryerson watch as Harold Ramis and David Rasche improvise an audience suggestion, Second City Chicago
Actor and director Harold Ramis, center, along with actors from left, Joe Flaherty, Eugenie Ross-Leming, Judy Morgan, standing, and Jim Belushi break out in laughter as they perform a skit on stage to celebrate The Second City's 50th anniversary in Chicago. (AP Photo/Jim Prisching, File)
The Toronto house where SCTV ideas were hatched
Five SCTV cast members -- from left: John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis -- as the beyond-cornball retro group, 5 Neat Guys.
SCTV - Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy, John Candy and Joe Flaherty
Though everyone agreed SCTV had a greater percentage of awesome, it fell to SNL in the PMC Thunderdome.
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Guy Caballero, President of SCTV (Joe Flaherty)
SCTV Network (TV Series 1981–1983) - IMDb
SCTV - Many of the great comedians starred on this show, like John Candy, Joe Flaherty, and Rick Moranis.
Joe Flaherty, John Belushi, Harold Ramis and others rehearsing a scene.
Joe Flaherty, Dave Thomas, John Candy, Eugene Levy
John Belushi and Joe Flaherty on Death Row, in a sketch from 1971 | Dangerous Minds

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