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SproutSocial 20 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
HI, Lia. We're so sorry to hear that you're having issues posting to Instagram and we'd like to help. Can you DM us the email address that you use to login to Sprout so we can check on this for you?

socialpilot_co 6 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
Hey there, can you please DM us your SocialPilot Login Id so that we can check what's going on. Also are you following the complete Instagram scheduling process?-

shaikhsohail123 13 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
What is wrong with Instagram?. Why it is not letting me login in my own account? Why I am getting this message always? Pls check your dm for my login username

IzzyKapoor 13 Apr 2017 shared via Twitter
NAKUUL!!!! Check your instagram DM's from me (izzykapoor) i've sent you the login details for the bitmoji!

KishuOfficial May 6 shared via Twitter
Please help my friend - Famous Celebrity lost his instagram account all of sudden, Unable to login and check... Please DM so that can share the details.

My Instagram followers probably think I'm dead 😂😂 I only login to check my DMs

Hey ya'll!! Tonight is gonna be lit! Join me at a digital dance party with an amazing DJ -- all for free. Check out @corona_queens on Instagram or DM me for the login link.

pls tell Jo to login on Instagram and check her dms or something lol, we all need this 😭

NobertEIekes 22 Aug 2019
dm not loading properly its been a week we have to log out and login again to check the dm !! kindly check this issue

jayythedope 9 Apr 2019
I just checked wizkid instagram I'm not meant to disclose this but take it.. Check for yourself (His DM with champagnepappi) Login details : Username -wizkidayo Password - boluwatife

RUOMA__ 21 Mar 2019
What are you waiting for? Order💵 for your beauties IG. Believe me you won't regret it. Login your Instagram page, search , like, check out the beauties on her page, make a choice, DM the seller, make your order&payments. Yeep! Thank me later.

pantekkklah 13 Mar 2019
Got stressed for several moment when I can’t login to .try to reinstall but doesnt work, I thought it was hacked. Then I check twitter and yup! I got the answer . WHY? WHY?! Im not even reply my crush DM’s yet!

sidk24 12 Nov 2018
When will Harshad Will change his Instagram password and login to his account 🤔 I'm missing him sooo much 😭😭 Password change Krlein pls aur login hojayein aur DM's check kr lein 😁

ZendayaStyleFil 15 Oct 2018
This latest update I am actually able to login into the app but it crashes whenever I try to watch a story, check my DM's or view tagged posts

COmpMathematics 1 Aug 2018
are you trying to log into instagram through the username? Just noticed an attempted login. If its you, please know I’ve been keeping it safe. Check your instagram DMs.

GCMX__ 16 Jun 2018
Check your Instagram dm’s. Sent you my login

AypoWilliannah 21 May 2018
😂😂So yesterday i decided to go through my nephews DM's on instagram cause he used my phone to login to his account and forgot to delete He also has my account on his phone and goes through it aswell.. Check Who He Has been DMing😂😂😂

_lyleburnett 27 Mar 2018
Some saddos hacked my insta so if anyone gets dm's asking to borrow your instagram or for your login details to 'check my account' IGNORE

raiimii_ 20 Feb 2017
PLEASE CHECK DM, INSTAGRAM, EMAIL. i paid but cant login anymore!!

iNisha 20 Jun 2014
Haa instagram login korar por e pelam tor reqst ta.☺By the way DM check korechis? Mail ta peyechis? Download korte parli?

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