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McMahon puts XFL up for sale | Yardbarker
XFL on Instagram: “The @xflvipers shut out the @xfldefenders to get their first-ever win.”
XFL on Instagram: “The @xflvipers shut out the @xfldefenders to get their first-ever win.”
Mariners, Sounders, XFL Shut Out in Seattle Because of Virus
Mariners, Sounders, #XFL Shut Out in Seattle Because of Virus @BreitbartNews
Trump Enacts 30 Day Travel Ban On Europe, & NBA MLB XFL NCAA Shutdown
Trump Enacts 30 Day Travel Ban On Europe, & NBA MLB XFL NCAA Shutdown - YouTube
Former XFL Employee Explains Why We’re Worse Off Without The XFL
Gas-powered mechanical wizard John Paul Rishea of Bionic Concepts follows up his Exo-Gauntlet Exoskeleton with this set of searing blue LED wings waiting to be scooped up by the first fancier of flight with $830. The wings include a backpack for att
XFL Appears To Be Shut Down, As League Ceases Operations, Terminates Employees
XFL Appears To Be Shut Down, As League Ceases Operations, Terminates Employees – CBS Boston
Thiel: Covid-19 claims another victim, the XFL | Sportspress Northwest
Vince McMahon Shutting Down XFL? | Staff Laid Off
Vince McMahon Shutting Down XFL? | Staff Laid Off
XFL Suspends Operations & Lays Off All Employees
XFL Shuts Down with No 2021 Return Plans
After shutting down mid-season last month, the XFL has laid off most of its employees and may not return next year.
When XFL Shut Down Decision Was Made
What a headache - Palmer Report
New York Guardians Players, Fans Disappointed by XFL Shutdown
BREITBART - #New_York_Guardians Players, Fans Disappointed by #XFL Shutdown
XFL Twitter Account says farewell to its fans.
Yahoo Sports NFL
"He Hate Me"
One XFL player had a brutally honest comment on the league shutting down earlier in the week, as he lost his job.
The resurrected XFL is the perfect exponent of Trump's America
While the original XFL sought to profit on players’ freedom of expression, Vince McMahon’s reboot is based on limiting it. The message is clear: shut up and Make Football Great Again
*Podcast With Us*#SNGLV on Instagram: “Happy Trails✌🏼⠀ The AAF Only Lasted 8 Games Before Shutting Down⠀ ⠀ If You Have Any “Futures” Bets, All SportsBooks Will Refund That Bet…”
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My favourite movie Ever: Mulan
Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. Mulan and Crickey. Need that cage incorporated!
The XFL has to make a tough decision and cancel their season. But it’s the right thing to do:
The XFL needs to shut it down.
A Major Cannabis-Review Site Is Shutting Down Because Its Founder Doesn't Think There's Any Safe Way to Consume Weed | Washingtonian (DC)
A Major Cannabis-Review Site Is Shutting Down Because Its Founder Doesn't Think There's Any Safe Way to Consume Weed | Washingtonian (DC)
Random Thoughts
Warner, Pace shut out in Hall of Fame vote
RB Jerome Bettis, who played in St. Louis in 1995, is voted in.
XFL: Jones tosses 2 TD passes as Defenders shut out Guardians - National Football League News Cardale Jones passed for 276 yards, Jameer Thurman returned an interception 46 yards for a score and the DC Defenders smothered the visiting New York […]

SportsObsessive Apr 14 shared via Twitter
The has filed for bankruptcy. What did you think of the league before it was shut down due to ?

LawrenceT_CB Apr 21 shared via Twitter
Did shut down the to then lead a D-Generation X style invasion of the ?

nickldl1 Feb 11 shared via Twitter
I did it simply to make a point. The dude clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, and he needed to be exposed and shut down.

TOOLD4THIS14 Apr 23 shared via Twitter
Well he did, then the XFL shut down, so.. Oh but he did turn down a 10 year 227 million dollar deal, 197 million guaranteed so he could resign with the Bucs..

strongjohnf Apr 10 shared via Twitter
Did the XFL shut down???

mindfinger May 12
yep yep... but he didn't have all that cash available for the XFL like he said he did, or else he wouldn't have had to shut down alpha to devote his time back towards WWE. Luck was managing the XFL. All McMahon had to do was write the checks.

mpotter74 Jan 9
Me neither. The will get it shut down just like they did with the .

fallior Apr 11
It didn't fail because of anything it did though, it was forced to shut down due to the virus. Don't be stupid

TOPolk Mar 13
I was surprised that the XFL did shut down though

all_downs Mar 13
The old XFL went out, the AAF shut down but the did awesome and will return for 2021.

Not necessarily true. Why did the largest private companies start the process of shutting down on their own without the prompting of the government then? Why did the NBA shut down on it’s own? NHL? XFL? And state government orders are very different from the federal government.

>the XFL has shut down now 2020 couldn't get any fucking worse and it somehow did

PJStrahl Apr 10
Did the ratings support success prior to everything being shut down? Honestly haven’t kept up on the XFL but I thought ratings were dropping each week.

ryanobleness Apr 10
As did I. I mean having to shut down early because of COVID-19 certainly couldn’t have helped things, but the XFL stated it would be back for 2021. Odd.

Wow, the Country and State have called a state of emergency. We need to practice social distance. Did you call it "pure politics" when the NBA, XFL, MLB, concerts, etc., Shut down? Why are we so dispensable to you?

LikeOzone Apr 10
Plus, the pandemic did basically shut down the XFL, so it wouldn't be that far fetched if he got some type of help.

Jaymes42 Apr 14
Like I said that only makes them slightly better and doesnt mean AEW cares about their talent. NJPW on the other hand truly cares and shut down shows very early. As for the XFL Vince did make sure to pay all of his employees before filing he didnt have to do that.

woodrow823 Jan 14
Makes no sense. As you said. Any other business would have closed shop years ago. Why did the XFL shut down? Answer - men players, based on the WNBA’s league success.

DrHustle94 Mar 18
maybe roger goodell released corona to fade vince mcmahon and shut down the XFL. he saw the popularity curve and did the math and knew it was a matter of time 👀

LifeIsRufus May 7
Just wanted to add that it did indeed die out due to COVID-19 AND due to the fact that it was created by Vince McMahon who also owns WWE, and since he can’t shut down WWE he had to do it to the XFL to reduce his losses, sadly ):

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