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soiqbot 24 Aug 2017 shared via Twitter
Deleting item from unordered_map doesn't change the size of map? ++ ++11 ++14

overflow_meme Mar 28 shared via Twitter
Why is an array limited by size, when I can initialize values to indices out of its bounds? ++ ++11

w0lfwood 14 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
my C++ test showed ordered map (rb-tree) to be faster than unordered map (hash), even tho I don't care about ordering & know final size at the start. N inserts, followed by traversal. ordered traversal may have somewhat better cache behavior, but I was surprised and disappointed

brewokr 28 Jun 2014 shared via Twitter
C++ STL unordered_map problem: class Demo { struct FileData { int size; BYTE…

CPP_Questions 8 Nov 2012 shared via Twitter

5mingame2 May 25
なんとか Bullet Physics での剛体衝突時のコールバックは書けた。 久々に std::unordered_map を使った気がする…。 C++17 だと insert_or_assign ってゆー、それ欲しかったんよー!ってのが追加されててテンション上がった。 C++17そういうの多いな。 std::size とか…(配列の要素数を取る)

OpenBSD_src Jan 4
anton@ modified sys/kern/sys_pipe.c: Eliminate some minor differences between pipe_read() and pipe_write(): * Sort local variables by size, name * No need to initialize error in pipe_write() ok millert@ visa@

c_stackoverflow 9 Aug 2019

OpenBSD_src 6 Aug 2019
yasuoka@ modified lib/libedit/terminal.c: Initialize the line buffer by zero when allocation. This fixes the problem a crash happens after the window size change. Worked and discussed with asou and schwarze. ok schwarze

Ivokabel 1 Aug 2019
Yes, it's a way to go, but it wasn't a fully satisfactory replacement for C arrays until C++17, because you coudnt initialize it with just intializer list and data type. It always needed the size which is error prone. Now you can finally do std::array<int32_t> a{1, 2, 3, 4};

OpenBSD_src 16 May 2019
nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/cmd-new-session.c: Initialize default size variables, from Thomas Adam.

s8mathur 31 Mar 2019
Unpopular opinion, edition : "s:= make([]int, 5)" should initialize an empty slice of capacity 5, not an array of 5 zero-initialized ints. Hint #1: C's malloc(size) Hint #2: Java's ArrayList<>(initialCapacity)

c_stackoverflow 14 Mar 2019

nicksdjohnson 29 May 2018
> Before absorbing a message of a variable size we are supposed to initialize the internal part of Curl state with the size of the message. […] we are considering replacing this method with absorbing the size trits before absorbing the message.

duckinator 21 May 2018
it irks me that there's no way to do this in C without memset() or including 4,000 spaces in the code: # define BUFFER_SIZE 4000 char spaces[BUFFER_SIZE + 1] = {0,}; // Initialize array to null bytes. memset(&spaces, ' ', BUFFER_SIZE); // initialize all but last byte to spaces.

netbsdsrc 2 Apr 2018
sys/dev/ic: aic7xxx.c rin: Initialize ahc->shared_data_size appropriately. Fix panic when detach.

OpenBSD_src 31 Dec 2017
nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/layout-set.c: Initialize the size of new panes created by the even-* layout correctly; reported by Andreas Kahari and Anton Lindqvist.

netbsdsrc 30 Jul 2017
he: sys/arch/emips/emips: machdep.c: Initialize iospace_size instead of iospace (will be overwritten) to 64k.

FirefoxCommit 22 Feb 2017
Matt Woodrow - Initialize the decoded video frame to the pixel size of the buffer. r=jya MozReview-Commit-ID: C...

ed_dev_ 29 Jan 2017
float myArray [size]= {value} doesn't initialize all members to 'value', but only the first one, if value != 0. Well played, C++, WP.

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